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    How did you spend your quarantine? Did you do something productive or just appreciated the calm? It taught us to value relationships more.

  • A Love Letter from a Cup to a Sweater

    They said our relationship would never knit, that there would be no heat! They were wrong, for I love you to the brim!Shall I compare thee on a winter’s day to summer, temperate and lov-wooly as ever? When you let yourself wrap…

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    Gaya-The city of peace and praise

    Gaya, as it has been known is the treasure house of heritage with its long history of buddha uprising to the university of Nalanda.

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    I think you're omnipresent;tell me, are you the colour of God?Did he create you forthe sanity of humanity?I'm sorry if I'm asking too many questions,but I'm curious becauseI spot you everywhere;it's almost as if I'm living a life out of…

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    Maddham hai chaand Gumsum hai hum Kyon hum tum na ban sake hum Ghamzadaa ho gaye hai saare mausam Rukshat jo ho gaye hai ab tum aur hum Sehmi si hai ab bhi nigahein hamari Syaahiyo mein uljhi rehti hai…

  • The Shift to Online Examination

    One of the things that was clearly visible during COVID-19 is the shift of education from offline to online. Though you would argue that platforms like Udemy and Coursera had already made education online but what I am talking about…

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    A Quick Guide to the Princess of Hill Stations – Kodaikanal

    We all have heard some hallucinating and delusional stories of trees hugging people or every flower swelling to be Rafflesia, some seeing sound waves and some talking to the clouds. Many of us have even travelled in search of this…

  • Hacks for Lengthy Syllabus

    Since in the over competitive world, we hardly get any option but to participate in the rat race, over the years with giving many exams, failing in some and acing in others, there are many study tips and tricks that…