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5 Reasons Why NARCOS is a Must Watch!

NARCOS is a series primarily based on Pablo Escobar, who used to be one of the wealthiest people on earth, life and his narcotics business. The show has three seasons, the first two revolve around the life of Pablo Escobar. In contrast, the last one shows the transition in the narcotics business after Pablo’s assassination.

The series also showcases what was the geopolitical scenario in Latin America during the 1980s-1990s, and how was it responsible for eradicating narcotics business in Colombia. The show is a lethal combination of valour of great countrymen of Columbia, loyal assassins and killers, and some really determined people who wish for a safer world for all. The show depicts how greed and vengeance can lead to self- destruction of an individual, and one has a lot to introspect from this series for the current scenario.

The story shows how Pablo, from being an illegal dealer, went on to enlarge his business to such an extent that at a time, he was responsible for 80% of the total cocaine trade in the world. However, this colossal business achievement did not cause him any kind, but rather, he was into the shatters during the end days of his life.

1. The Valour of Soldiers and Other Like-Minded People

Pablo’s trade was gigantic, and he used to pay a huge amount of bribes to the police and other high-level personalities to immune him from being captured for his illegal trade. More aptly put, no one could dare to catch him. However, some brave men were not able to see their country die in shadows of drugs, so they revolted, and some eventually got killed brutally.

The series also showcases two Drugs Enforcement Agency, USA (DEA) agents who were working in close consonance with the Colombian government and the armed forces for taking down Pablo. The series has many instances where these two gringos, American agents were called by this name, risked their lives to get close to Pablo. This is a classic example to observe that this world has a lot of people who really think beyond their own circle.

2. The Hard Transition

Pablo was called Robin Hood in his early days of cocaine trade as he used his illegal money to make houses for poor in Medellin- a city in Colombia. He also made them a district to live in, this very act of kindness was helpful for Pablo in his last days to secure some more moments of life. This was because people who lived in the district made by him helped Pablo in escaping from police many times as their gesture of gratitude. He was also elected as a member in parliament but was forced to resign as some evidence of him being a narco trafficker was in public. This resignation caused him to turn all the eviler, and the coming years henceforth were a complete bloodbath for Colombia.

3. The Loyal Army of Pablo

In 1975 he initially started to trade cocaine into the US. As Pablo had made himself huge fortune, he had many people under his belt. As he was responsible for 80% of total trade at one point in time, it was obvious he was obliged to maintain a high number of armed people and business helps to guard him and his business respectively. It is worthy of being noted that none of the sicarios, a term used for his workers, revealed directly about Pablo’s existence and whereabouts even when they were on the lines of being killed.

During his end days of life, with him was only one sicario who was his bodyguard and driver. It is interesting to note here that, from the thousands of men he had, only one survived till the end who also gave away his life with and for Pablo.

Many sicarios were imprisoned and killed for not telling the whereabouts of Pablo. His own cousin, who was a mastermind of the cocaine empire, died. Still, he never revealed about Pablo’s place of existence. As a matter of fact, the cocaine empire began to disintegrate after the death of Pablo’s cousin. However, Pablo did not do justice to all his loyal followers and their families.

4. The Strange Mindset

 Due to abject poverty in Colombia at that time, many joined the army of Pablo, thinking of getting colossal money and having a lavish lifestyle. They did enjoy all this for a small duration but in the end they all had to give away their life in the police hunt for Pablo. It is shocking to see in one episode that, a looking teenage boy became a suicide bomber just to secure money.

Clearly, money was important than lives. Pablo used poor men to fulfill his illegal dreams, which cost them their life and some were even happy giving so. Pablo also had a strange mindset, wherein surrender was a big no for him, and he was ready to run all his life. Many people advised him to surrender when the whole country was after him, but he did not.

5. A Heartful Family Man

Despite all the atrocious activities, Pablo remained a family man until the end of his life. He loved his daughter a lot, and it is seen in an episode that he burned half a million dollars for keeping her warm! He availed all possible benefits for the family. Despite his hectic schedule, he managed to take out time for his children.

It is also worth noting that Pablo’s real end came close when he got to know that his family was not allowed to leave Colombia, and they were in protective custody with the Government of Colombia. He began taking haste decisions as he was worried about his family which eventually led to his capture. Shockingly, at the very last days of his life, he knew that his phone could be tapped. Still, he continued talking to his family, which was held in protective custody. Eventually, his phone was tapped, and he was killed.


The series will leave the audience in the grip of anxiety due to the never-ending trade of Narcotics. It is a must-watch series for people who will be left in a mode of introspection, and a bit of sympathy will surround the audience for Pablo and his sicarios. The series will also give an understanding to people that “Good Over Evil” is real and would remain so in generations to come. Chances are rare, but are there some that the viewers may learn a bit of Spanish as most of the dialogues are in Spanish!

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