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50+ Travel Essentials: Checklist for Traveling

Howsoever we fancy living a minimalist life but it is true that there are things that we need according to our own comfort and personal choices. Generally, people face struggle when it comes to food and clothing while traveling. It is not possible to easily adapt to food of some other country even for a week’s trip. Therefore, it’s essential to have a checklist ready, if you are a consistent traveler.

How to pack is a personal choice, some people just dump all their clothes and stuff in bag and are ready to fly but I always prefer a well-organized suitcase, according to category and needs.

So, let’s start packing!!

Buy a Suitcase and Travel Organizer Bags

Most people do not find it a big deal but buying a suitable suitcase and a duffle bag is very important. The size and weight of the suitcase should be big enough that it holds all your travel essentials. While selecting a suitcase for your trip, you need to keep in mind certain factors: how long your trip will be, the airlines that you generally take (for an international trip, you might only be allowed 23-40kg of luggage; hence buy a suitcase that is light weighted) and the amount of stuff that you carry along. Also, don’t forget to look for warranty while buying a suitcase.

Make sure that your main suitcase has wheels. Since this suitcase will become quite heavy, you wouldn’t prefer to carry the heavy load on back or picking it up using hands.

Get some travel organizer bags to keep your clothes organized categorically. There’s always a chance that to find a T-shirt at the bottom of your suitcase, you end up messing up your entire stuff. Therefore, it’s wise to use some organizer bags.

List of What to Pack

Start with Clothing Packing List

A travel suitcase should not be only stuffed with summery t-shirts and shorts or heavy coats. There are a bunch of basics and party clothing you need to carry.

  • T-shirts – I mostly prefer buying T-shirts, especially for travel, from BeZiddi. Their T-shirts are super comfy and trendy.
  • Sweater/ Sweatshirt – Always keep a sweater/sweatshirt in your carry-on bag (the bag you will be taking into cabin). You might need sweater at airports or in flight. Find Comfortable Sweatshirts on BeZiddi.
  • Some Comfortable Clothing to sleep in like Pajamas/ Casual Shorts.
  • Shorts – Keep 2-3 shorts, if you are going to places having beaches.
  • Pants – Pants are mostly for dinner nights and parties.
  • Party-clothes – You don’t want to miss the night life of a place. Therefore, plan a night, when you will be going clubbing.
  • Belts – It might be your savior.
  • Socks – Keep 2-3 pair of socks. Keep a pair of socks in your carry-on bag for airport and flights.
  • Underwear – Always keep 2-3 extra underwear and also carry a thin carry bag to keep your dirty laundry.
  • Walking Shoes – Travelling is all about walking long miles, which you certainly don’t want to do in high heels or lacy sandals.
  • Flat Bellies (for girls) – Flat Bellies work for parties as well as airports.
  • Slippers – To run around in hotel.
  • Sunglasses/Scarfs/Hats – If you are going to a hot place, these three accessories are must.
  • Basic Jewelry – Jewelry to go with casual wear as well as party wear. Look for some great statement jewelry on Write House.
  • Swimsuits – Before you pack, check whether your hotel has a pool facility, if yes, then pack a swimsuit. Plus size swimsuits can be bought from H&M.

Blogger’s Tip: Avoid taking high-heels with you as you hardly need them while travelling. Your flat bellies can take care of the parties that you might crash in.

Refer to This Toiletry Packing List

Though you might find toiletries in hotel room but it’s better to carry your own toiletries.

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – You don’t want to mess with local brands of different countries, when it comes to toothpaste. So, carry the one you prefer.
  • Hairbrush, Comb, extra Rubber Bands and Pins.
  • Face Wash – Your preferred brand.
  • Deodorants and Perfumes – If you travel often, then buy 2-3 miniature perfumes of your favorite brand. A bigger perfume bottle has a risk of easily breaking up. Instead of keeping perfume bottle with other essentials, keep it between clothes as they work as protector. Don’t carry perfumes or deodorants in cabin as the security will ask you to leave it outside the aircraft.
  • Bodywash/Shampoo/Conditioner/Moisturizer – If your preferred brand does not sell a miniature, then buy a travelling bottle kit, so you can fill your favorite liquids. Also, it will take less space of your luggage.
  • Sanitary Napkins/ Tampons – You never know what kind of local brand you get in another country, so it’s better to keep a packet of sanitary pads/tampons. Keep them even if your dates are not close.
  • Shaving Kit

Travel Essential Carry-on – Things You Need to Carry in Cabin

All aircrafts allow only 7 kg of luggage inside cabin. So, pack your bag with the most essential items only.

Things to remember: Don’t carry water bottle, deodorants, nail cutter and scissors in the cabin.

  • Laptop – Avoid keeping laptops in check-in bags. There is always a risk of damage. You can avoid carrying a laptop altogether on trip, if you don’t have any plans to work while on holiday.
  • Camera – Body and Lenses.
  • Mobile Phone
  • Headphones – If you like to shut the world permanently while in aircraft.
  • Kindle/Books – Reading is the second-best time-pass after movies.
  • Earplugs – You might get pain in your ears when flight is landing. This is because of the mismatch of pressure inside and outside your ears. To avoid airplane ear, plug in earplugs when you hear the announcement that pilot is ready to land.
  • Neck Pillow – Trust me, this is the most essential item. It will keep your neck straight and save you from a potential neck pain.
  • Lip Balm – Nobody likes chapped lips. Most preferably carry a lip-balm stick rather than a tub.
  • Face Wipes
  • Tissue papers
  • A pair of socks and sweater/sweatshirt.
  • All travel documents – Passport and Visa, Travel Insurance, Personal ID, Reservation and Itineraries. Keep a xerox copy of all the documents.
  • A few dry eatables if you don’t like to have aircraft meals.

Packing List of Additional Things

  • Sewing Kit – Carry a small sewing kit. There is a possibility that some piece of cloth gets torn or button of your favorite shirt detaches. Ps you need to know how to sew.
  • Comfort Food – There’s always a food item that you like to have after a long day. Though all kinds of food items are available in hotel but if you prefer staying in backpacker hostels or Airbnb then carry your comfort food. In my case, I always carry a small tea kit, with sugar pouches, tea bags and milk powder.
  • Travel Adapter – It will allow a device from one country to be plugged into the wall outlet of another country.
  • Rain Gear – Umbrella or a Raincoat.
  • Travel Journal – If you are crazy.

Pack Your Health Items

  • Carry medicines for general use – Headache/ Stomach Ache/ Cold. Why would you want to ruin your holiday because of a headache?
  • If you are on any prescribed medicines, carry those medicines and prescription along with you.
  • Hand sanitizer – Keep a small bottle of sanitizer in your bag while travelling. It is highly useful when you are travelling in countries with third world hygiene.

Personal Carry Bag

While traveling, there are many small things that you need readily. So, its better to maintain a small personal carry bag, that you can easily carry inside your bigger bag. For instance, if you are an asthma patient, you will need your inhaler in any condition.

  • Comb
  • Lip Balm
  • Sanitizer
  • Paper Soap
  • Personal ID
  • Emergency Medicines
  • Money in small denomination
  • Pen
  • Phone Charger
  • Earphones
  • Hair Pins/ Rubber Band
  • Sanitary Pads

It can include anything that you need readily. From office to aircraft, these are the things that I need anywhere and anytime of the day.

Packing is as bigger a part of travelling as the destination. Don’t pack a thing or two and you waste sometime of your trip cursing yourself. Moreover, always plan what you are going to wear according to days and destination.

Download Travelers Check List

You can easily tick mark the items on the list by saving the pdf on files app or ibooks.

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