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A City Break at Homestay in Jaipur

Overwhelmed by so many lockdowns and not being able to travel much, my friends and I decided to book a homestay in our own city and have a break from life.

Hence, we started with the rituals of finding nice resorts, making calls to ask if pools and spas were operational. But to our disappointment everything you need in a resort was somewhere not adding to our expectations.

We tried finding some Airbnbs and got lucky to find this amazing loft in Jaipur. It is named – Jaipur Chalet Suite in Scandavian Design.

An Overview of the Homestay

This homestay was a cozy and a cute place with all right kind of color combination. The overall feel of the place was great. It was an insta-worthy place to speak in millennial language.

The plus point of this homestay is that it is in the main city, so all the restaurants and cafes are on walking distance. The biggest mall of jaipur – World Trade Park is also in 1 km. radius from the homestay.

Living Room

Living Room was the real soul of this place. It has 2 kind of seating arrangement – you can sit straight on sofa set or you can lay comfortably on the mattress on the ground.

To make the place more attractive, they did invest in some nice home decor stuff like plants, small decorative pieces and lamp.

They provided a T.V with all OTT platforms working.

Living Room

Bathroom and Dressing Room

Bathroom was a small one with bath tub, shower and other general essentials.

In dressing room, they provided 2 big cupboards and a shelf. The mirrors on cupboard is where we spent nearly half an hour.

Dining Area and Kitchen

Dining area was not like your usual eating place. The dining table was placed in the balcony (which was completely covered). Instead of carpet they placed artificial grass on the ground, which was pretty soft to foot and the place was adorned with plants.

Dining Area

It had an attached kitchen. The kitchen had all the things that are needed by a family of six people. A gas stove, fridge, microwave, utensils, oil, spices, wheat flour and all such kind of things.

We stayed only for a night so we just carried maggi with us. For dinner, we ordered food from nearby restaurant. If you are staying here for more than a night, you can carry some fruits and juices too.


Sleeping Area

The sleeping area was on the upper part of the loft. They provided two full sized beds and 6 blankets, as the total capacity of the loft is 6 guests. The beds were quite spacious.

Sleeping Area

Terrace Garden

There is a very small but beautiful terrace garden. This is the only place where you can smoke. Smoking inside the loft was prohibited. This was least of our concerns because no one of us is smoker.

Terrace Garden

How We Spent Our Stay Here?

We stayed there for only one day and one night, so we did not plan to go out. We stayed and enjoyed at the place to re-live our hostel days.

We made sure we are dressed up prettily to match the vibe of the place and get ourselves some nice insta-clicks.

Our photo session took around an hour, which made us hungry. So, just like hostel days, we made maggi and tea.

We took some games with us to the homestay. We chose to play Jenga. It became much crazier and wild by the end.

After ultimate fights over who broke the rules of Jenga, we played music in full volume and danced our hearts out.

With no energy left, we ordered some great food. Some pizzas and calzones and we were done. After dinner we had to have our gossip sessions (ya! All girl stuff). We gossiped for around 7-8 hours. At 4 in the morning we slept and then checked out at 11. It was a fun one night stay and it did freshen up our minds.

Cost of Homestay

For 5 people it costed us Rs. 6500 per night including all taxes.

Starting rate is nearly Rs. 3500 for two people.

I found it very cost effective because in most of my travel journeys I have ended up paying a lot for just a night with much less amenities.

The Negative Point

Though everything was available but they missed out on a very big thing. They did not have drinking water facility inside the loft. We had to call the helper to fill the water bottles, which was pretty irritating.

Amenities Provided

  • Wifi
  • Television with All OTT platforms
  • Full-fledged kitchen with fridge, microwave, gas stove and basic cooking ingredients.
  • Hot Water for Bathing
  • 2 Air Conditioners

In short…

To sum it all up, I loved the place. It has a nice vibe and I recommend everyone, whether local or tourists to Jaipur to spend a day at this loft.

And special thanks to this lady for organizing a fun day out, where I was just a parasite.

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