dark room

A Dark Corner That Gives Light to Life

I slammed, 
the door of my dark room, maybe the only little corner where I was me;
dived into my bed, shattered;
with my body being touched gently by the mattress,
lungs pushing against it, sheathed in its arms, hugged;
with eyes flinched, closed tightly;
stretched my fingers, gripped the sheet, 
bent my finger to the palm, so tightly that the nails hurt, cried; 
loosened my eyes, open;
and then visioned, the moments of grief,
pain and heartbreak, 
rage and bemoan, 
eyes closed, 
felt the heart, beating 
swallowed the foresight, 
eyes wide open, gazing the wall in front
This is life, 
it gives pain, heartbreaks, 
to make us learn self replenishment, 
to make us know what we and world are capable of, 
and how is the compatibility, 
to prepare us for future sorrows and, 
and to make us strong, 
as strong as the one, 
the one who we wish to be, 
the one who we are. 

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About The Author

Varsha Rameshk
Everyone and Everything is a story, She just embellishes them on a paper. For reality, she lives in pink city but her soul lies in her colourful dreams. Observer, Learner, Lover and a whole time “Can I have a Chai with some Prateek Kuhad songs” person.ย 

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