Poombarai - places to visit in kodaikanal

A Quick Guide to the Princess of Hill Stations – Kodaikanal

We all have heard some hallucinating and delusional stories of trees hugging people or every flower swelling to be Rafflesia, some seeing sound waves and some talking to the clouds. Many of us have even travelled in search of this intoxicated specie from montane to deciduous forests. No, we aren’t talking about Marijuana. In the small district of Tamil Nadu, Magic Mushrooms are locally sold, which is one of the reasons so many tourists are attracted to this place. Apart from delusions, we had a pretty conscious journey to this lovely hill station called Kodaikanal.

How To Reach Kodaikanal From Bangalore?

To take full advantage of every inch of Kodaikanal, plan to reach there in the morning.

We set off from Bangalore at 3:30 p.m, had a halt at Dindigul and then started in the morning to Kodaikanal and completed 466 km. journey from Bangalore to Kodaikanal.

FYI : There is no direct train or flight to Kodaikanal and railway station too, is 80km away from the town. Therefore, taking cabs or driving all the way to the town is the best idea. Also, you can look for buses on Redbus.com. You’ll find ample of direct buses from Bangalore to Kodaikanal.

Nearest airports to Kodaikanal are at Madurai(120km) and Coimbatore(170km).

On reaching Kodaikanal, you can hire local taxis for your intra-city commute.

Places To Visit in Kodaikanal

Day 1

Kodaikanal Lake

We started on with our day by visiting the beautiful Kodaikanal lake. This star shaped man-made lake is located in the center of the city and offers activities like boating, fishing, horse-riding, flower show etc. It also has an upper lake view point which will give you the aerial view of the lake.

Star-Shaped Lake
Kodaikanal Ariel view
Aerial View

We then headed to Pine Tree Forest, Guna Caves and Pillar Rocks, they are situated on the same route, so it was easy to cover all three places in one drive.

Pine Tree Forest

The Pine Tree Forest was one of the most refreshing places we have been on the trip. As far as you can see, you’ll just see pine trees. The place was juxtaposed pattern of red and green. The flowers blooming here lasts long (for months). We were mesmerized by the amalgamation of scenic beauty and cool breeze. This place is a perfect photography spot for people who are obsessed with nature.

Pine Tree Forest kodaikanal
Pine Tree Forest
Pine Tree Forest kodaikanal
Pine Tree Forest

Guna Caves

Merely a collection of very old trees, it wasn’t really a cave but a view point. The roots of the trees were spread all over the ground, which was something unique to see.

Pillar Rocks

It was also another view point. It got its name from three vertical rocks ( about 400 feet high) standing like three big pillars, which is a tremendous site.

We rested a little and had lunch then we started for Dolphin’s Nose at 3:30 pm.

Dolphin’s Nose and Echo Point

It was an amazing place situated 1500 m above sea level, the view that this place grants, is astonishing. It involves a downward trek of about 3 km. Snacks and water are available on the trek. You can take numerous pictures and spend quality time with your co-travellers on the trek. On Echo point, you can shout out your name to hear the echo.

Dolphin's Nose kodaikanal - places to visit in kodaikanal
Dolphin’s Nose
Dolphin's Nose kodaikanal - places to visit in kodaikanal
Echo Point

Blogger’s Tip : Wear shoes when visiting Dolphin’s nose.

Dolphin's Nose kodaikanal - places to visit in kodaikanal
Trek Route

And our Day 1 ended. We planned a nice dinner and hit our bed early as the trek completely exhausted us.

Blogger’s Tip : The usual alcohol is not available here. You can try local alcohol.

Day 2

Next day we woke up to a lovely sunrise. It was clearly visible from our stay (Villa Retreat). You can look for resorts which offer bedroom to sunrise view.

Sunrise at Villa Retreat - Places to stay in kodaikanal
Sunrise at Villa Retreat

Post witnessing sunrise, we had a nice breakfast and we headed to Coaker’s walk.

Coaker’s Walk And Bryant Park

It is a 1 km. narrow path, surrounding the valley. It is one of the must visit tourist places. Just treading along the valley is sure to refresh your mind and soul. Then we headed to Bryant Park, which is just opposite Coaker’s walk. Bryant Park is a botanical garden and houses wide assortment of flowers. It also has some religious values attached to it as it has two oldest trees. Bryant Park also has a large variety of plant species. It is a green heaven for any plant lover.

Bryant park - places to visit in kodaikanal
Bryant Park
Bryant park - places to visit in kodaikanal
Bryant Park


Next, we drove to outside area of the city to Poombarai and Manavannur. Manavannur is around 34 km away from Kodaikanal, so it is advised to keep your fuel tanks full. Manavannur houses your actual reason to visit kodai – the infamous mushrooms.

Poombarai - places to visit in kodaikanal
Princess of the Hills

Anyway, on reaching the Manavannur, you can have a stroll in agricultural unit, where you’ll find lakes, trees, rabbits , sheep etc. Albeit it may sound not so scenic stuff but to be honest, this little village scene was tremendous and soothing.

Manavannur - places to visit in kodaikanal
Inside the agricultural unit at Manavannur
Manavannur - places to visit in kodaikana
Horse Riding at Manavannur

As is said, good things do not come for free, so you’ll have to pay a small entry fee to get inside the agricultural unit.

By evening, we were back to Kodaikanal and had a refreshing high-tea at Munchies. We went to the local market. It seemed like any other hill mall road with lots of souvenir and fruits shops.

Day 3

We had a long road back home and less traffic was much preferable, so we started early in the morning from Kodaikanal to Bangalore.

On our way, we spent some time at Silver Cascade falls.

Silver Cascade Waterfalls
Silver Cascade Waterfalls

Where To Stay in Kodaikanal?

Villa Retreat

It costed us around Rs. 5600 for a day for double occupancy.

Villa Retreat - places to stay in kodaikanal

Western Valley Home Stay

It costed us around Rs. 3000 for a day for double occupancy.

Western Valley resort - places to stay in kodaikanal
Western Valley resort - places to stay in kodaikanal

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