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Interpretation of a sudden suspension

Who thought we would be exposed to an epoch where things that we only saw behind the curtains, happening to a fictitious cast would ever play a part in our lives too? A facet of life where we’ll be forced and caged with our fears and vulnerabilities. Who knew that we would have to pause everything, leaving loads and piles undone? A life where we have constantly been pushed forth to just exist, perform and win, who knew we’ll ever be asked to fence our activities? Who knew a virus would make us hunt for a home indoors?

The great performative exercise of existing is now insignificant. Social media has become nothing but a place with a dull scrolling inertia with people doing their best to boost their dopamine levels with sad eerie eyes.

Devastated College Plans

That’s how I’ve been feeling. I feel all that I had planned, all my future endeavors have frozen. I was so excited for my first annual fest, college elections, my exams, and now there’s nothing! I’m living in a strange phase where things are paused but still, I’m happy. At the same instant, I’m anxiously wondering what I could or should be doing. If it all was normal I would’ve been in my college today, studying and augmenting my productivity, but then I think what’s wrong with now, why can’t I do all that now, and again I think, but for how long can I go like this? I’m in this state where tides are overflowing the boundaries of my attic and whilst introspecting, I sense old tales breathing new air.

My interpretation of this stoppage is the explosion of human exertion which has led to a paralysis, so uncompromising that it can’t be tamed at any costs. The proactive productive brunt has left the milieu in an utter chaos, an unusual chaos to which humans have no cure, only precaution. An uneasy environment because maybe for the first time we feel defeated and frail as we are being ruled by something which we have no control over and which doesn’t obey us, because we haven’t chosen this, it’s been put on our plate and we’re being forced to eat it!

Resumption is going to be Explosive

So a sense of imminent anxiety, waiting for the storm clouds to burst has huddled during this extended period of inaction which has caused thoughts of resuming the rat race of life with the pressure of running faster than ever before so as to compensate for the lost miles. This re outburst of activity would veil its brunt on all the bruises that would heal in the face of this pandemic. And yet again, the passivity would show up when we strain the resources to an extent where it reaches it’s slake. There’s a stark decrease in the footfall right now, but as soon as things resume we’ll again see exploitation, of both human as well as natural resources! A balance has to be struck with sanity in the name of humankind to have enough to fight such consequences.

While complaining never makes anything better, looking at it as a blessing in disguise, it’s worth pausing to reflect on the implications. In the rear, it’s all about ‘The paradox of choice’. We’ve a choice to do all that we couldn’t because of our busy schedules! It’s what we do while halted that marks what’s coming next. After all only boring people get bored! A problem is a chance to do your best.

The idea of time being rigid shall be expunged in order to remain hopeful for the upcoming ventures. In the interim, our life is in an oblivion as we await a new future. We carry much uncertainty about what the new state will look like, will we be ever able to live our life like we did before the onset of this virus? So many questions and each one keeps adding more to the heap of ambiguity.

This interlude is a time to look back at the things that were taking up our time in the past, and consider how important they are. If we are getting by without them now, how much did we really need them? What we prioritize in this time of crisis is a strong indicator of what is essential in our lives. So it’s an opportunity to make a clear demarcation between our needs and wants. We’re all in the same boat, for better or worse. No one can deal with this threat in a vacuum.

“Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit.”– Napoleon Hill.

Let’s brace ourselves to come brighter once the sun shines at us again.

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