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Living Inside Suitcase is a creative writing platform for budding writers and content creators to try on with their presentation and writing skills. Here, we are providing back-end simulation and marketing research techniques to enable the content creators to kick start their own blogs.


Kriti Agarwal

Kriti Agarwal is Author of Living Inside Suitcase, a creative writing platform. She has extreme passion for new technology and books. She is also a sheer believer of capitalism and highly political with an opinion over every issue. She is a great lover of humanity and promotes philanthropy in all its discipline.

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The Contributors

Kiran Kedilaya

Belonging to the beach city of Mangaluru and an appreciator of technology, Kiran enrolled himself for an engineering program in Shayadhri College of Engineering and got a decent job in an IT firm.

Since from childhood, he has been living in different parts of India, he has a vast exposure of different cultures and people. He has lived like a localite in many cities of India – Coimbatore, Thane, Digaru, Hassan, Bangalore and Noida. All these years of shifting and packing literally got imbibed in him and he chose to travel every weekend of his life.

From trekking in Tungnath, relaxing in Kangra to driving to the heritage city of Hampi , this guy never stops. Eventually, he found his love for photography and started exploring it.

You can give a look at his photography on his insta handle @kiran_kedilaya

Globe On Our Plate

Globe On Our Plate is an adventure story of Deyona and Glister, two wanderlust pals, who love to explore the diversified beauty of the world. Their mantra for life is – “You only live once, so give it the best shot”.

Both of them belong to Mangalore but their tongues are multi-lingual word repository of Hindi, English, Kannada, Tulu and Konkani. They both love each other’s company and mostly travel together.

Amply marked about their lifestyle, Deyona and Glister, prefer midway of budget and luxury while planning their trips. They are the people who take long weekends pretty seriously and never miss an opportunity to travel.

Talking of South India, they have covered most of their neighboring towns like Kodaikanal, Ooty, Allapey, Waynad, Chikmaglur, Madikeri and Mysore. Through their travel stories and blogs, they will be unrolling their travel adventures, experiences and itineraries, which is surely taking the readers to virtual tours.

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