There exists a world full of energetic people living inside a suitcase, be it a suitcase literally or metaphorically, in a box of 4-walled house or with a baggage of thoughts. In this, fast moving world, everyone out there has an experience or expertise that, if they share with the world, would prove very useful to somebody else in some part of the world. 

Living Inside Suitcase runs with a motto of giving a platform to people who live inside these suitcases , From making home-made face masks to keeping stories of a travel in their hearts, to baking to poetry, the platform provides one stop solution for everyone to unpack their suitcases for a bit and spread some cheer. 

We intend to remove the resistance in people and make them believe that everyone’s an author, of their own journey. We provide a platform that allows them to narrate, relate and gather an audience that rewards.