About Us

My Motivation

I am a 2018 Engineering grad, currently employed in an IT giant.

Just after class 12th or say when I started my engineering days, I have been living away from my home.

Though staying away from home comes with challenges of its own but for me it proved to be an explosion of opportunities.

Living away from home, I was exposed to new cultures and a lot more new kind of humans.

I have lived like locals in many cities of India, dug deep into their culture. At this time of my life I realized that being an Indian I do not know even 1% of India. This frame of 29 states has a change of language every 5km, has different techniques of making food, has lots of spices and drinks, different styles of weddings, so different clothes and so different views.

This blog is just my little story of travelling, eating, living and most of the times messing up!