yellow flowers


I think you're omnipresent;
tell me, are you the colour of God?
Did he create you for
the sanity of humanity?
I'm sorry if I'm asking too many questions,
but I'm curious because
I spot you everywhere;
it's almost as if I'm living a life out of you;
a life of hope,
a life of warmth,
a life that seems sucked out of you.

When the Sun arrives in the sky,
it takes your help to shine
and feed all the hungry people like me.
You fall from the sky
making it look like
a rain of rays
and dye
entire fields of harvest
in your colour
as if marking territory.

The canary bellows your name
from its cage,
it even smells like you;
tell me, are you contagious?
or is it just a coincidence
how all the walls around me
have your soul in them;
so strong, so bright-
they tried reflecting it onto me, once.

Tell me, do you enjoy sitting on my grandfather's teeth
more than the banana peels,
or do fairy lights attract you the most?
But, don't they say-
'you are what you attract'
and that is exactly why
sunflowers crave for you,
so much.

So tell me, do you get flattered,
when I choose you for monochrome outfits,
when I match my kurta with my earrings, bracelet and chappals
and link them to you,
when I scramble my way
through a crowded store
just to grab a sweatshirt
that smells of you,
when, out of skins of all colours,
I choose yours to
pen down special poems?
Tell me how all of this
makes you
an inseparable part of me
because I think
I've already fallen in love with you
for this lifetime.

About The Author

Akshita Pareek
Akshita is a nineteen year old overachiever and perfectionist with big dreams, trying to wade through her entangled teenage years.Studying is her coping mechanism and she can be found buried deep inside newspapers at odd hours of the day. An extrovert, dog lover and travel enthusiast who finds her home in aesthetics and the poems she can create at any given time of the day..


  1. Wonderful poem. I am amazed that you have written this in the young age.. lots of love and blessings Akshita.


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