An Ode to Elder Sibling(s)

This one is for all those who eat away your ice creams that you hid at the back of your refrigerator and the ones who will have your back in literally every situation but when mom asks who broke the glass? They will be the first to push you in front.

My Elder Siblings

Dear Elder Sibling (s)
I may not say this often but I genuinely truly am grateful to have you in my life. When you were around, there was always constant nagging and fights and yelling. It is only when you moved to a different city that I realized that my life isn’t the same anymore. No one is around to share a bite of my maggie, or have life altering conversations with me in person.

But when I see you constantly working day in and day out just to establish your name somewhere out there, it makes me believe in what people call hard work.

It isn’t easy to live away from home for years, but it is equally difficult to not have you around. The waiting for weekends to see you or be able to meet you slowly changes to surprise gifts and parcels at my doorstep.

The scoldings from mom turn into “What did you all have for lunch today?” On video calls. To not have you around for birthdays for so long reminds me of things I miss the most while I am growing up. There are days when I just want to run into you and tell you all about that one particular person I have a crush on or a movie I recently saw or every single detail about High School Politics, some days I just wanna complain to mom about how you ate my chocolates from fridge and sometimes, you aren’t just present here.

I would type messages and messages of how much I miss you because as you like to say, you were the best roommate I will ever have. From sharing rooms, food, conversations and clothes, I didn’t realize we have all grown up so much. And time flew away.

There are days when I just want to meet you and fight with you and gossip and chill. But on other days, I just know you are out there trying to make a journey for yourself and a beautiful worthy path for me. The amount of lessons I learn from you are unmatched. Be it the last minute styling tip, being pampered for scoring just not enough or fights with my best friend, you have always been here. Everything I am today and that I am onto becoming, half of it I owe it to you for the lessons, guidance, warmth and comfort.

There’s no better way to say this than to say that I love you and I miss you.
P.S.- Send me my gifts for being the most annoying sibling

The Pampered Sibling

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  1. Beautiful lines. Each and everyline are true. I miss my old days, we are 4 siblings and everything was multiple of 4 and I can not express my feelings like you. I am not a good writer but you are awesome. Great great………….


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