An Open-Letter to a Thirteen Year Old Self

There are so many times in life when I feel like, going back in time when I was just 13 and tell her a lot of things. Then I see that, I cannot do that, even if I become millionaire someday. But there is always a way, I can write a letter to her.

Dear Bhavika joshi,

How are you? Maybe I know how you are. You know I miss you a lot, and I owe you a lot. It’s you who made me the person I am today and I cannot be more proud of it.

I know how much you hate yourself, I know how much you are afraid of people, I know why you feel left out, I know how insecure you are, I know you hate the shit that happened to you, I know how badly you want to grow up, and how much you want to run out of your house. I know it all. But I also know that, it’s okay, it’s okay that you are feeling all of this. Believe me; you have got this you are doing the best you can.

I don’t know after reading this letter you will believe me or not but, trust me growing up sucks but at the same time it is beautiful too. I know you will laugh right now if I will say that, one day you will love yourself so much, nothing else will matter to you, but this is going to be true.

I really want you to know that all of your insecurities are worth it, yeah it is, because one way you will work hard to be a better person and in the process you will start loving the insecurities too. You are so going to be a messed up yet beautiful soul. Also, you will feel left out even when you will grow up, but that’s the best part. You will start loving your own company so much, that feeling left out will be the best feeling ever.

You know, I really don’t want to change even a single thing about you, or I don’t want to remove even a single incident from your life. I want you to feel all of it. Heartbreaks, betrayal, deaths, traumas, failures and all of it. They are going to make you, build you, and help you grow. I want you to make your few more years of teenage, as dramatic as it can be. Oh, trust me after some years it’s going to be like a comic show to you.

Well, before I end, I want you to know that life is going to be a roller coaster ride after your teenage. You will get out of your house too, and it is fun but much more painful. The problems that will come now are going to be much more worse than what you are stressing about right now, but still give time to your tiniest of issues too.

Don’t hide your emotions, express them and try to keep that lovely kid alive forever. Be you and in the days when you feel depressed, write a letter to your younger self and tell her how proud of her you are. You will start counting your blessings immediately.

I might write a letter again in future to my current self, but even then I will be proud of my little you. You are my brave girl and you will always be.

Yours truly,

Bhavika Joshi

(20 year old you)

About The Author

Bhavika Joshi
Bhavika joshi aka @silent_hug_by_words is a journalism student and a wanna be writer. A professional procrastinator with some creative skills. She is a certified social media addict.
And a person who observes everything around her, just for content. Also, if you ever need a hug in your solitude, her words are the answer.


2 thoughts on “An Open-Letter to a Thirteen Year Old Self”

  1. Dear Bhavika,

    You have no idea how much I admire you and your work, all your posts and life stories.❤ All of it has created a virtual bond between us which you may never know cause of the similarities but all I know is you must keep writing and Stay Happy cause you deserve it.


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