Hacks for Lengthy Syllabus

how to cover lengthy syllabus

Get to know the syllabus hacks for studying. Learn how to reduce the content to study. Use 10 page formula to inculcate reading habits.

The Shift to Online Examination

online examination

Online Examination is the new normal in 2020. Open-book test might seem ineffective but if conducted properly, it can open minds of students

#INDIAABROAD : Chapter 1 – Should You Go To Study Abroad This Year?

going to abroad for higher studies

Many people are having doubts whether going to study abroad is a good idea in such situation. Here, I have tried to answer some generally asked questions.

Chapter 2: #IndiaAbroad: Living with people from different nationalities: A row or a ride!? Part 1: First Impressions

Studying out of your country and living with people from different nationalities is a difficult task. Read how I met my room mates.

Our Ancestors Led Better Lives Than Us

generation gap

Our generation is a sad generation with happy faces. We are not as hardworking as our forefathers. We have an unhealthy lifestyle.


locked inside house

World during coronavirus stopped, which lead to a pause in lives of even those who were excited to join their first year in college.

Malignity and Benignity of Leadership

leadership skills

Leadership skills are the most important in 21st century whether its college, school or workplace. Read here good and bad faces of leaders.