Ahmedabad -Killing It Like Locals

Post Views: 83 Ahmedabad, you hear the name and you’ll hear people boasting and bragging about the grandeur of the city. The city lights, the charm, the passion, the enthusiasm, what else the emotion remains that this city is not made of. And why not, the city that houses the greatest stories of rags and riches, the city that has the history still running in its streets, the city that still talks of development. Science, art, drama, education, food, dress, culture, fun, architecture, commerce, you name the field and this city has the humongous amounts of elements for you to dig in. For me, it was exposure, the place where I spent 6 months of my life. For me this city was the first experience of adulthood, where now I was not only adjusting or getting to know people or I was not cribbing about the goods and bads of life, where now I was shaping my life, where now I was cooking my own food, making my own breakfast, buying vegetables and fruits, buying household stuff, now I was going to OFFICE. No, it wasn’t a job, I was interning at ISRO, Ahmedabad. Writing this blog right now brings back so many moments down the memory lane. And the first memory of me being at ISRO and getting mesmerized by the grand campus is still fresh in my mind. As the process of onboarding followed, my friend Anisha and I, pretty excited and nervous flowed into our respective departments and at the end of the day I found myself on a desk. And there I said to myself – “I AM AT ISRO”. One day you think about all these scientist people and big libraries and all those experimental laboratories and the other day BOOM…you are sitting among them. And no, scientists doesn’t look like the ones you imagine with long and white hair and always indulged in their work. They are much livelier than you and me can be. Here, I got to learn some new technologies and the way things run in an organization. This place is an experience of its own.N Ahmedabad, this was also the place where I found my craziest pal, Shivani. In the mid of January with a fractured leg and a big smile, she made entry to our little house (Anisha and I were living in a rented flat). This girl was truly an adventure. We went to every corner of Ahmedabad together – all the cafes, street food, street shopping, parks, malls, heritage, carnivals etc. Also, amdavadis(the locals of Ahmedabad)has a thing for cheese. These people sprinkle cheese even in poha. Talking of poha, if you visit Ahmedabad, don’t forget to try those street pohas. One thing that will instantly catch your attention is that – Every local store in Ahmedabad sells the product that is made in Gujarat, be it water bottle or regular chips. Here, finding a bottle of Bisleri or finding Lays magic masala is like finding a needle in hay stack, you will always find yourself at some known departmental store to buy such brands. And of course, there people know only one dairy product that is Amul. Many of you might not know but Ahmedabad is also the house of a very famous ice-cream brand – Havmor. Havmor grew it’s stems from this city. You can find a Havmor ice-cream shop or an eatery at every 2km distance here. They also have an internationally known brand for snacks – Induben Khahrawala. They make 100+ variety of snacks. This is also a home grown brand and trust me they make the tastiest snacks. Their snacks pocket-friendly too. So, any time soon you meet an amdavadi, ask them which food they are experimenting with.