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Crush It – Book Review

Passion is a highly fluctuating emotion. One minute you want to leave everything and follow it and another minute you just want to be happy with your normal routine life.

But does passion pay bills?

Well, this book is all about how to water your passion enough to pay bills. It will help you keep a sane mind when your mind is still fighting with you over your passion. This book will 100% give you a Plan of Action, kick your procrastinating butt and untangle your meddling brain.

Why to read this book?

If everyday after 5 p.m you are cursing your job and feel like quitting, read this book.

If you have a great idea but don’t know where to start from, read this book.

If you wish to own a business, read this book.

If you keep failing at what you do, read this book.

If your mind is full of thoughts and makes you anxious, read this book.

If your brain is meddling with itself over a good working routine and following your passion, read this book.

The reasons are endless but this book is very compact. It is a little store-house of brutal realities that might hurt your inner conscience but it will get you to open your laptop and start working soon.

What this book is not?

This book is definitely not a play of big words or any strategy building fancy shit. This is just straight forward reality, which makes you understand that accidental billionaires are just an exception, not generic totality.

No, this book does not teach you stock trading.

Why do I recommend this book?

I have always loved to share my experiences and opinions whether it was about books, places, food, shopping, products etc. I remember, I was in third year of engineering when I got to know that sharing experience pays a great deal. Since then, I have always dreamed of owning a blog. But at the back of my mind I always had one fear – I did not have much experience with CMS sites neither I am a trained professional in Digital Marketing, how on earth am I ever going to have a blog? I browsed through many freelancing sites to hire a freelancer but they demanded a huge amount of money. Thanks to that one Sunday afternoon when I randomly picked this book in a bookstore.

This book had a line which made me close the book and think for a while, I swear I still remember that line. It said – “LEARN THE TECHNOLOGY THAT YOU NEED”. And I have never been put in my place like this before. Yes! LEARN! This is the only way out. Hence, I launched this blog as a travel blog in January, 2019.

You can enroll yourself into this free WordPress course to start your own blog. Click on the image to get started.

In this book, Gary Vaynerchuk has focused on some key mantras that have to be followed to keep your customers/audiences, coming back.

He has also shared his story of how he used to talk about different wines on YouTube and increased the revenue of his little wine shop. FYI -You can see his videos and read about wines here (Wine Library).

This book has made one thing very loud and clear, that the secret to success in digital world is GOOD QUALITY CONTENT – authentic and non-banal.

Some Social Media tools have also been extensively and elaborately mentioned in this book. He weighed the importance of social media in marketing the content. At the same time, he suggests not to depend on just one social media platform – WHAT IF ONE DAY INSTAGRAM IS NO MORE?

PS : You should definitely read the way he taught to use social media. More about social media is given in his second book – CRUSHING IT, where he has listed out people who followed his first book and are crushing it (living their dreams to be more precise).

The essence of the book is very straight and tells you the grass-root reality of every business which you certainly don’t want to hear – IT NEEDS TIME.

One important thing that is mentioned in the book is that you do not need a very cool idea to build a business, even teaching belly-dancing is a business.

How to make most of this book?

You might want to keep a pen and a diary while reading this book. It has many short and long points that you’ll be needing in the planning and implementation phase.

No, don’t be over-smart and put 100 book marks or think I’ll fold the pages. WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN!!

Above all, one very important message he has stated at start of the book – Love Your Family, Work Super hard, Live Your Passion.

You can buy Crush It by clicking on the image below. This is an affiliate program with Amazon.

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Kriti Agarwal
Kriti Agarwal is Founder of Living Inside Suitcase, a creative writing platform. She has extreme passion for new technology and books. She is also a sheer believer of capitalism and highly political with an opinion over every issue. She is a great lover of humanity and promotes philanthropy in all its discipline.

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  1. So beautifully written kriti ?. I’ve read this book and trust me this review is so accurate that it felt like you’ve stolen my words and thoughts.
    Bring more books reviews
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