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Dale Carnegie’s “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living?”

Ohh, it’s a must have for everyone!

So, if you are looking for a book which can help you to get out of your fear towards facing problems in your life or if you are anxious about something like random thoughts that keep worrying you, I believe that this will be the best one to choose. It gives a complete picture of how successful people deal with their worries to come out of that. As humans, tensions are natural things that happens in different situations in our life.

This is a book I would like to call a “Friend in Need“. It’s a beautiful book about life and a self-help masterpiece which teaches you to stop crying over the split milk and love your life to the fullest. It teaches about almost everything like health, daily living, finances and some real- life stories of people throughout history.

In the world where millions of people live in constant stress and are unhappy, this book might be a magic pill to have more peaceful and content everyday life.

You’ll find there lots of advice on how to stop worrying and being constantly stressed about everything l, exemplified with real life stories of standard people and famous people from different decades. It was soooooo interesting to read all those real life examples.

My favourite advice from this book is to live in a moment and in every stressful situation imagine the WORST SCENARIO. It really helps a lot because you already know what’s the worst that can happen and you’re not afraid of it anymore.

Some magic formulas from this book are:

  1. Don’t stress for little things.
  2. Do Something! Sometimes action is the best cure to for worrying.
  3. Don’t worry about the past.
  4. Think how much of your life you’ll dedicate to worrying( Count it!).
  5. Everyday do something good.
  6. Don’t compare yourself with others.
  7. Make a lemonade with the lemons you got from life.
  8. Everyday analyze your good and bad actions you’ve made today. Improve yourself and your life constantly! (You can have a special notebook for those analyses).
  9. Relax before you get tired.
  10. Do just one thing at once.
  11. Prioritize.
  12. Don’t leave making decisions for later, decide now.

I hope it helps you and you read the whole book which might change your stressful life for better.

Go and Pick it up guys…!
Take Care!

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