How to Come Out of Impact of COVID-19?

At the start of pandemic, no one thought we would be celebrating its birthday. It looked like a matter of 2-3 months. But to say the least – ITS HERE TO STAY. Even if the perfect formula of vaccine is found, it would be a long walk for everyone to receive the doses. The vaccine has become a part of bigger drama – POLITICS. The notion of vaccine nationalism will make it hard for low-and-middle income countries to get the vaccine. Even if it travels trans-boundary, front-line workers are going to get the vaccine first.

Taking into consideration the impact – the market is not going back to normal at least for coming two years. Life will become harder to sustain. Countries are falling into economic crises and people are losing job.

So how to survive these unprecedented times?

Save Money…But How?

Don’t buy anything you don’t need like car or stocks. No need to buy expensive foot gears or fancy accessories. Refrain from buying jewelry and leather bags.

Currently, stock market has crashed 30% in just 3 months. It makes the vision blurry for Stock Market to return on track. Don’t expect a quick rebound as it is same as the Great Depression of 20’s. Therefore, avoid STOCK MARKET at least for 1.5 years.

Save To Recover From CoVID-19 Impact

Lockdown Leading to Depression

The hefty lockdown pushed us into the house. Most people are not used to being home 24*7. It has completely disrupted our social life. No more parties, no more hangouts, no more shopping.

This lockdown has swollen up people’s anxiety. As of June 2020, 56% of people in India went through anxiety due to financial crises, getting bored and seeing no people around.

So, what to do with this endless fee time?

Educate yourself and Get a Skill. Get a skill that pays you. In India, many bakers came up and sold home-made hygienic cakes. Do something that you have always wanted to do. With lots of online courses, you are never helpless. Just surf your interest on net and enroll yourself into a course, implement it and sell your product.

Best Platforms to Learn


Freelancing industry can save you this time. If you are proficient in writing then get a freelancer writer’s job, if you know web development, start bidding on platforms like Freelancer and Upwork.

You can get started on both these platforms free of cost, just make an account and start looking for a freelancing job. Clients on these platforms are looking for people with content creation skills, video editing skills, creative writing, graphic designing, web and mobile application development, programming skills etc.

If you have lost your job or was on verge of getting a placement this year, utilize your skills on these platforms and start making money.

Even if you have a job and also some extra time, get some extra bucks by putting your skills at work.

Your traditional city jobs are not coming back anytime soon, so put up an office infrastructure at home.

Start Freelance

Create Your Own Job

Online Meeting platforms like Zoom and Google Meet have opened a wide door of opportunities for people who never got to show their real talent. If you have skills like cooking, baking, yoga, dance then take your talent online and teach people.

In fact, you can teach coding on platforms like White Hat Jr.

Create Jobs For Yourself

Try to Make Life After COVID-19 Easier for Yourself and Others

Don’t judge your friends, family and neighbors if they try to do some eccentric work in order to make money. The Crabby Indian Mentality needs to be revoked for some time.

The world is already going through a lot of mental pressure, don’t put the basket of your judgements on their head.


Life after COVID, wouldn’t be easy for all. An individual with medium-income can sustain but daily wage workers and employees of unorganized sector are going to enter into poverty.

The world would be needing greater compassion not a leg pulling CRAB.

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  1. This article points out a very important thing – crabby indian mentality needs to be revoked..
    Depression and anxiety are spreading as fast as covid, judgemental beings should stop doing it!!


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