procedure to do shankh prakshalan

How to do Shankh Prakshalan

The Shankh Prakshalan is made of two words – ‘Shankhmeans conch shell and ‘Prakshalan’ means to wash completely. It is a process of cleansing the entire alimentary canal from mouth to anus. It is an easy technique for cleansing gastrointestinal canal. It is an economical procedure which can be performed by patients at their residence.

Procedure to do Shankh Prakshalan

Shankh Prakshalan should be performed on an empty stomach putting on a light and comfortable clothing.

  1. Take light dinner a day before performing this asana.
  2. Bed Tea or Coffee should also be avoided. Instead, take slightly warm water added with some salt. Drink 1-2 glasses of water. Do practice this first thing in the morning before any food or drink.
  3. Then perform some these asanas :

A . Tadasana – Standing Pose with  Raised Arms.


B. Tiryak Tadasana – Raised Arms with Side Tilting.

Tiryaka Tadasana
Tiryaka Tadasana

C. Katichakrasana – Turning Right and Left by giving a Rotational Movement to Spine.


D. Triyaka Bhujangasana – Serpent Pose looking at the Heels alternatively from Right and Left Side.

Triyaka Bhujangasana
Triyaka Bhujangasana

E. Udarakarasan – Giving a Twisting Pressure on the abdomen from both sides.


All the above five asanas should be performed atleast 6 times each, thus the procedure forms one round. After the first round is over, another 2 glasses of warm water should be taken and all the asanas should be repeated in the same order.

4. After the third round is over, it is advisable to go to the toilet. Many a times, the subject feels an urge to pass stools.

5. Thereafter, again take 2 glasses of warm water and repeat the same procedure.

Generally, on an average, 12-16 glasses of water is sufficient for getting clean water to come out from the rectum.

6. After Shankh Prakashlan is over, it’s better to relax in Shavasana as at this point of time, the alimentary canal, from mouth to anus is totally at rest.

This process is contraindictated in case of chronic peptic ulcer, ischaemic heart disease and severe hypertension.

Diet After Shashank Prakshalan

A special food – Moongdal (khichdi) by mixing sufficient quantity of ghee. This food is an active lubricant in a gentler way to the digestive tract. One apple should also be eaten after doing Shankh Prakshlam.

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Food to Avoid

  1. Spicy food and Non-Vegetarian food should be avoided for four days.
  2. Milk should be avoided for at least two days.
  3. Lemon or fruit juice should not be taken.
  4. The person who has undergone Shankh Prakshalan is advised not to sleep for 3 hours after taking meal as the food can cause headache.

Second meal should be taken in the evening.

Laghu Shankh Prakshalan

It is a shorter or lighter version of Shankh Prakshalan. If you cannot do the long process of Shankh Prakshalan then you can perform Laghu Shankh Prakshalan.

Take about 6 glasses of saline warm water and perform same series of asanas as suggested above.

Benefits of Shankh Prakshalan

  1. Cleanses the body.
  2. Clean up the gastrointestinal system of its impurities.
  3. Cures digestive disorders, ingestion and constipation.
  4. Improves the function of digestive system.

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