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How to Write a Perfect Blog Post?

Writing a blog post can be the most challenging thing. And you will perfectly relate to me if you are a newbie.

There are a lot of things that are in the mind but it doesn’t always make its way to the paper. And even if it does, the SEO makes you feel stupid.

You might think, there is no way to write a blog post perfectly since its art and how can one control the creative flow. But friends, if the creative flow isn’t molded in right form, your art is wasted.

Some people keep on writing as the words streams in their mind and post it in that raw way, without any formatting and revising. THIS IS WHERE YOUR BLOG IS DEAD.

You might like the raw feeling while writing the blog but your readers will only like it if it is in readable form, with proper sub-headings, nicely formatted and good and easy-to-read language.

Read the blog further to spot where you have been going wrong and let us know in the comment section.

Write an Impressive Title

Obviously, no one likes a boring title. No one will open your blog if you have written a very fane title.

Your title should be so tempting that people are unable to stop themselves from clicking on the link. It should reflect what is in the blog, whether its about books you should read while travelling or books for entrepreneurs.

 It should give a straight message that for whom the blog has been written and how will it help the concerned group.

Give a Lot of Sub-Headings

After a person has clicked on your blog link, he doesn’t straight away starts reading. To be honest, when I open a blog, first I see Sub-Headings and Pictures to judge whether it says something that I am looking for.

I immediately close the blogs that are just written tastelessly in one big paragraph.

This is something where most people fail, they do not give sub-headings and lose their readers.

Write Short Paragraphs

Writing big lengthy paragraphs is weakness of a writer. They will go on and on making a paragraph of about 150 words.

This is one basic thing to keep in mind when writing a blog, that you are not writing an essay in school. It doesn’t work this way in digital world.

While somebody is reading on an electronic device, they cannot keep track of words in a long paragraph, resulting in, them closing your blog.

So, make it a habit to just write 2-3 sentences in a paragraph. It will also help you gain good marks in your school/college/research project.

Use Bullet Points if There Are Steps Involved

When opening any tutorial for steps, how would you feel if somebody has written a paragraph of steps? Glitchy and irritating, right?

That’s why it is advisable to always write steps in a bullet point. It improves its readability and the reader can easily follow your tutorial to solve their problem.

Try to Make Minimal Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

This is one big oouchie! Finding grammatical and spelling mistakes is the most tedious job. I mean, what the hell right? You are a professional writer, how could you possibly make a mistake?

However, you did. And your reader closed your blog.

Guys, it might feel like people don’t notice but they do. Initially, I also felt no one will notice small mistakes but guess what, people started sending me screenshots of the grammatical and spelling mistakes that I made.

If you find it time consuming, you can use tools like Grammarly  and LanguageTool. So that your blog reads perfect.

Add Images for Visual Cues

Image are a way to convey what you are saying. No doubt graphical platforms like Instagram and pintrest are attracting a big market.

If it’s a travel or food blog, insert the pictures of your experience and food. If it’s a tutorial blog, insert some cliparts.

But it is very important to choose pictures relevant to what you write. It shouldn’t happen that you are saying something else and your picture reflects something else.

In fact, the images that start appearing in google images, directs people to your blog.

Write in a Conversational Way

This might sound stupid to you but it works a great deal. A blog written in the way you talk, simulates your reader into thinking they are talking to you. This is what grasp their attention till the end.

Go through a self-help book, what kept you stick to it? It’s tone, right? You are succumbed to do things that the author say though you have no personal connection with him.

A good conversational tone is a link to you and your readers’ mind.

Don’t Stuff in Keywords for SEO

Aah! Why won’t you? Why are you in digital marketing otherwise? Took a whole SEO lesson just to hear don’t stuff in keywords?

Well, guys, I am not suggesting you to not write even a single keyword but some people (especially the one’s who have very newly heard about SEO) just open the keyword finding tools and stuff 20-30 keywords without even thinking about the readability of the post.

Many of my posts are ranking on first page of google. These were the posts I wrote when SEO was not even on my word bank.

A plagiarism-free and non-banal helpful blog posts are quickly ranked. So, don’t worry and write genuinely.

Note : This post is completely research and experience-based. If you are looking for any help regarding writing blog posts, you can contact me on livinginsidesuitecase@gmail.com or DM on Instagram @livinginsidesuitcase . And No! I don’t charge to help, so feel free to contact.

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How to Write a Perfect Blog Post?
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