Inside the French capital of India – Pondicherry

Taking into consideration how resourceful land of India led to its perpetual slavery, India wasn’t only a British colony, some little patches of our land was governed by French colonies too. Hence, a new culture somehow added to the already diverse country and we got one more interesting place for tourism.

Pondicherry or how locals like to call it, Puducherry, might have been a place in everyone’s bucket list.

Counting on to my juxtaposed experiences with people on every other trip, this was definitely a game changer. At first, I was highly reluctant to go on this trip as I barely knew anything about the people I was going to travel with. It was my company’s training batch and I wasn’t sure whether they are my friends yet or just colleagues.

We booked a traveler (typical Bangalore culture) to reach Pondi from Bangalore. It was a 6 hr journey. We started at 10 in the evening and danced and ate and slept and reached Rock Beach at 5:30 in the morning.

Rock Beach

Reaching here early morning proved to be fruitful.  We targeted to see the sunrise and so we did see that. It was the first time ever I saw sunrise (given sunrises before me) and truly it was tremendous how the ball of fire just emerged from under the sea and in half an hour was above as if it was a kite.

We spent most of the morning at Rock Beach itself, just viewing the sea and feeling relaxed. Then started our triping essentials – THE PHOTOGRAPHY. Rock Beach had a lot of graffiti by locals and they were all super duper colourful.

The sunrise at Rock Beach.
Picture Courtesy : @kiran_kedilaya

Anyway, you can definitely not have breakfast at Rock Beach as there are no stalls in the morning but they have a lot of street food in the evening times.

We had breakfast at Hot Breads, it’s 1km away from Rock Beach.

Bharathi Park

There is nothing new to see here, it is just any other regular park. We just sat there as it was near Rock Beach.


After everything we finally went to our stay, we booked it on AirBnb. It was a spectacular villa and costed Rs. 16000 for 13 people for 2 days. We all were happy that we got such a good stay at very cheap price.

This was our stay from AirBnb

Auroville – The future of the World in India

This is one sort of an interesting place. It is a township with a vision. The aim here is to create an environment where people of all nationality, caste, creed and gender can live in harmony. Whatever they eat is highly organic and plastic is absolutely ban inside the premise. It feels people are living inside the forest. Automobiles are also not allowed inside, people living there were using bicycles to commute.

Watching performance by Chinese at Auroville

It was very interesting to note the way art was displayed and people from so many ethinicity showcased their performance.

There is also a Mantrimandir located inside Auroville, yes! That ball kind of structure. It is where you can do yoga and meditation. Heads up, you need to book it beforehand.

Serenity Beach

From Auroville we headed off to Serenity Beach, just the kind of place I needed after all the peace and silence. I went nuts once I saw the whole water ground open to play. It was so much fun going inside water and feeling the sand below your feet and cold water all over you and running from the stupid big waves whenever they came near. I also collected sea shells and was convinced this is where I want to build my home for the rest of my life. After an hour, I was draped in sand and water from head to toe.

look at those waves

After we were back to our stay, fully hungry and wet and sandy, what I needed was food and what I got was social obligations. So, one surprising element of this trip was I did not get a chance to explore much of the eats of pondi as all the techies in the house prefer swiggy.

Never order food on Zomato and Swiggy, when in Pondi.

Anyway, I ate some shitty noodles and went to bed mad.

Got up early and went for breakfast alone because eating shit and getting prior approvals to eat shit wasn’t my mood for the day. So guys, no matter whom you go out with, just remember go alone and eat and explore some good stuff because you might not get a chance to go back at a place and also keeping your body healthy is a mandatory check while travelling.

Amidst all the happiness of a full stomach I got lost on my way back home but somehow reached there. Made some tea for everyone (I carry my own tea kit!!) and ya so we pretty bonded on tea after that.

We started our second day and headed to the White Town

White Town

This is a small French town (probably why Pondi is called French capital!) with cute little neat houses of varied colours (ya, not only white). It has many cafes and restaurants. Small souvenir shops. I have heard it has many Franco-Tamil cuisines but did I have those? No. Anyway, this place was really really nice with victorian architecture.  

Picture Courtesy :

Sir Aurobindo Ghosh Ashram

It was the synonym of peace. Located in the White Town of Pondicherry, you can feel two worlds here – one outside Aurobindo Ashram and the other inside of it. Outside is just touristy spirit, clicking photographs and having tender coconut but inside was completely a mind changing ambience. It was pin drop silence inside, everyone was just allowed to whisper that too only if necessary. There was samadhi of Sir Aurobindo Ghosh and people from all corners of the world come here to meditate. We also tried to meditate but it seems too much silence made one of my friends, Marvi very uncomfortable. 😛

It just looks like a normal house.
Picture Courtesy : Pondicherry Tourism

Coming out, we roamed the streets, we went to a place called Smoothies, we had fruits and smoothies. Something that instantly grab your attention on the streets are the yellow autos with super humorous horn (bhonpoo ki awaz).

Have lots of tender coconut here as they are the cheapest in Pondi then anywhere else in India

We visited a botanical garden and left for our villa. As we had a lot of time, we played games and talked the whole night. In just one day we were like one big inseperable group. Tough our ideals of travel differ greatly but I got some very amazing friends for life.  

Heads up! Being a Union Territory, Pondi has some very cheap alcohol, so all the boozers, it’s a party for you.

Where to eat?

Hot Breads

It was a huge storehouse of bread. In my opinion it was the best place to have breakfast. They had all varieties of bread from croissant to banana bread. It is a very small cafe sort of a place. A perfect example of what French left behind.

You can have coffee, tea, juice, sandwiches, omelette giving yourself a perfect breakfast treat

Picture Courtesy : @kiran_kedilaya


This was one place where you can fill your stomachs tight. It has a very basic taste that every Indian likes. It serves all sort of cuisines. We had a very large 24 inch sized pizza and some drinks.

The Big Pizza.
Picture Courtesy : @kiran_kedilaya

Auroville Bakery

This place is the most suggested for breakfast in Pondi as it has some sort of history. It also serves vegan food in options. Though a beautiful place with a soothing ambiance, the taste of food felt stupid to my kachodi eating taste buds. But…exploration!

Omelette with basket of assorted breads.
Picture Courtesy : @kiran_kedilaya

Smoothie Bar

We went to this place because someone in our group wanted to go here (Don’t know why!). We ordered all kind of smoothies and concluded that Keventers is always love. We had a bowl of fruits, which was fine as the staff hadn’t had their hands in making them.

Picture Courtesy : @kiran_kedilaya

Some images from our trip

This man was the planner and photographer
me at serenity beach
Auroville bakery
Marvi, the one who cannot stand silence
In White Town
The traditions

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