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That Moment of Love is Still Intimating with my Dreams!

he and I were sitting,
under the stars,
he loves to read books, 
and I, 
I love watching him read, 
an hour passed, 
he looked at me, 
Do you know how babies do when they're showered with so much love?
that gesture?
that's what I had, 
while he was looking, 
into my eyes, 
So, I giggled,
asked him, 
what he could see, 
"I am trying to read the book, 
the book with thousands of stories", he said. 
I fondled his face, 
with the tips,
of my fingers, 
and, replied,
"I'll keep them writing,
for you,  always."
the only voice,
which we could hear, 
was of us, 
we felt, 
the wind, 
our skin, 
as the grass, 
with the droplets, 
was caressing, 
our feet,
that moment,
Of love, 
Of peace 
was intimating, 
with my dreams.

About The Author

Varsha Rameshk
Everyone and Everything is a story, She just embellishes them on a paper. For reality, she lives in pink city but her soul lies in her colourful dreams. Observer, Learner, Lover and a whole time “Can I have a Chai with some Prateek Kuhad songs” person. 

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    • Sure, I’d come up with a lot more write ups and would never let this love for my writings down. Thankyou so much!


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