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Jal Neti

In yoga, purification of breath is an important aspect to healthy living. Jal Neti is one such method that will help in cleansing your nasal passage and will also have a cooling effect on your brain. It is also quite beneficial for asthmatic patients as it helps them to breath easily. Jal Neti is one of the Siy purification of process of Sat Karma.

Jal Neti Benefits

  • Regular practice can keep your nasal passage clean making your respiratory system strong.
  • Effective in dealing with asthma and makes it easier for asthma patients to breathe.
  • It is effective for people with bronchitis.
  • It is a good technique to keep eyes, nose and years away from infection.
  • It helps improve the quality of your meditation.

Precautions of Jal Neti

If the nose is blocked with cold or bleeding and infected internally than avoid doing it. The nasal passage should be cleared by doing kapalbhati and other pranayama under the guidance of an expert.

If adding salt to water the proportion should be kept in mind as more salt leads to burning sensation.

How to Perform Jal Neti?

Water is poured into one of the nostrils and then the water comes easily out of the other nostril.

Follow the steps:

  • Sit in kagasana with 1-foot distance between the legs.
  • Lean forward from the lower back.
  • Keep the neck tilted and breath through the mouth.
  • Insert the Nozzle of the pot into the nostril, which is active at that moment.
  • Keep your mouth open throughout the Neti processes.
  • Let the water flow in through one nostril and come out through another nostril.
  • After finishing half of the water of the Neti pot, put it down and clear your nostril.
  • The same thing should be done on other side.
  • After finishing from both the sides, do kapalbhati kriya.

To watch the video of full process of Jal Neti, Click Here.

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