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It is really shameful for today’s generation to see that they are living in a world where they are no longer happy. Today, life is governed by the offshoots of science. In our modern age, life is full of comforts and luxuries. The old days of trouble and difficulties have no doubt come to an end. Does that mean we jump to the conclusion that we are really happier than our forefathers? They lived in villages. There were no planes, no cars, no movies, no radios and what not. All of us know that they moved in the jolting slow moving carts. Their life was not so comfortable but contentment and happiness prevailed there.

Our forefathers would really be disappointed to see that we are not as hardworking as they were. Machines have made us their slaves and as a result, people have grown obese and lazy. Today’s kids waste a lot of time watching television which not only harms their eyes but also affects their physical fitness. People have even lost peace of mind and are now resisting on yoga and meditation.

They did not look for excuses. They carried our first satellite on a cart.

We are living in an age where man admires riches more than spiritual power and longs for luxury of body than peace of mind. After all, true happiness is a state of mind, can better be attained in a small cottage than in the big palace.

Our forefathers were very social. They cared about and helped each other. Unfortunately, technology has imprisoned us in our own homes. World is said to have shrunk but the distance between us and our next door neighbor has increased. Internet has brought us close to the people of the world but we have lost the warmth and charm of physical meetings and physical presence.

Our generation is promoting lazy culture.

Our forefathers cared for their environment. They used natural fertilisers. There was no release of toxic gases. For them, air was fresh all the time. Today, people are suffering from respiratory and other diseases because of industrialization.

Imaginations have been lost in literature arena as mostly, our findings are in the shape of medical and technological journals. The emotions, sentiments and the voice of the people crafted by our forefathers has been totally missing out. This is the reason we have not been able to give birth to another Shakespeare, Milton, Mirza Ghalib or Kabir. We have become much centralized and selfish that we have hardly enough time to take care of the emotions and sentiments of the members of our family and relatives.

We are using chemical fertilizers. Thus, deteriorating our health.

To sum up my views I would say our forefathers were better than us as they lived simple, religious, clean and happy lives. So, we should try to adopt their good aspects. Our forefathers had no blessings of science yet they had warmth in relations, creativity in artistic imaginations, neat and clean environment, good body structure and above all, SELF SATISFACTION.

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