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Pizza From Scratch

To make a Pizza from scratch, there are 3 stages involved: 1) Preparation of Pizza Base, 2) Making Pizza Sauce, 3) Final assembly of Pizza with desired topping.

Here, I have provided recipe of 2 types of Pizza Toppings. You can use either of them as you desire.

Basic Base (9” 3 pizzas)


  • 2 Cups Flour
  • 2 tsp Active Dry Yeast
  • 2 tps Sugar
  • ½ Cup Water
  • ½ Cup Milk
  • Salt

How To Make?

  • Mix Milk, Sugar and Water until warm.
  • Now add Yeast to it and let it set for 5 minutes.
  • In another bowl, take Flour and add Salt according to taste.
  • Knead with Milk and Yeast and the previously-made Milk mixture.
  • Let it rest for 30 minutes and it’s ready roll.

Roasted Pizza Sauce


  • 4 Medium-Sized Tomatoes
  • 2 Medium-Sized Onions
  • 1 Medium-Sized Capsicum
  • 2 tsp Ketchup
  • 1 tsp Cornflour
  • Herbs (preferably Basil)
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Red Chili Powder
  • Black Pepper
  • 2 tsp Water

How To Make?

  • Roast Tomato and Capsicum.
  • Grind together Onion, Tomato and Capsicum until a fine paste is obtained.
  • Now in a pan, add Oil/Butter and let the paste cook for 7-10 minutes.
  • Add Chili Powder, Salt and Black Pepper, Oregano, Basil, Ketchup and cook for 2-5 minutes.
  • Now mix Cornflour with Water and add the paste in the sauce.
  • Cook for 2 more minutes and your pizza sauce is ready.

2 Types of Toppings

1) Tandoori Paneer-Topping

  • Above-made Pizza Sauce
  • ½ Cup Paneer
  • Tandoori Sauce/ Barbecue Sauce/ Tandoori Mayonnaise
  • Salt
  • Chili
  • Olives
  • Jalapeno
  • Onions
  • Capsicum
  • ½ Cup Grated Mozzarella

Assembly Of Pizza

  • Roll a ball of dough as thin as possible (thickness similar to that of a Chapatti)
  • Now spread Pizza Sauce on top.
  • In a bowl, mix Paneer, Olives, Jalapenos, Onion and Capsicum with Tandoori Sauce.
  • Now sprinkle this mix over the uncooked base.
  • Top with Grated Cheese, Salt and Chili.
  • Bake for 15 minutes at 200°C.

2) Italian Margarita Pizza Toppings

  • ½ Cup Cheese
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • Basil
  • Olives

Assembly Of Pizza

  • Roll a ball of dough as thin as possible (thickness similar to that of a Chapatti).
  • Now spread Pizza Sauce on top.
  • Sprinkle Salt, Basil, Chopped Olives and Cheese.
  • Now bake for 15 minutes at 200°C.

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