Famous Places to Visit in Ahmedabad: Things to do in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is an easy and a safe place to tour around. It is connected by bus, train and flight to all the major cities of India.

Starting your morning in this gujju state, you can head on with some delicious Gujarati breakfast. Bump in any local eateries and you can find jalebi, fafda, dhokla ready on their counters. Also, Ahmedabad is not only famous for jalebi fafda, you can find humungous varieties of sandwiches in this city.

Recommended Eateries : Ananda, Honest, Farki, Charbhuja Sandwich and Jassi de Parathe.

Cycling at Riverfront

To add some excitement to your day, go cycling at Riverfront. At Riverfront, you can rent a cycle. It costs around Rs. 30 for 30 minutes. It is always windy at Riverfront, which adds some pious moments to your cycling experience. After cycling around, you can have a zip lining experience over Sabarmati river at Riverfront itself. It would cost around Rs. 150 for a round trip.

Cycling at Riverfront

Sight Seeing Places in Ahmedabad

Hutheesingh Jain Temple

A typical Jain temple, made out of a single stone and supported by 12 pillars with beautiful stone carving. This temple has a 78 feet tall pillar called Mahavir Stambha, each feet indicating the time it took for Lord Mahavir to attain enlightment. Also it has a very interesting and obscure art gallery which showcases the faiths and beliefs of Jainism.

Keerti Stambha

Rani Sipri mosque and Siddi Saiyyed Mosque

Both these mosques are again an architectural marvels and a very important part of Ahmedabad. Though women are not allowed inside Siddi Saiyyed Mosque but can gawk on the beauty of the mosque from outside. In Rani Sipri Mosque you can witness the tomb of Rani Sipri. The Jali work done in both the mosques is appreciable.

Jali work in Rani Sipri mosque

Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Memorial

Moti Shahi Mahal is converted into a museum which throws some light on Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s life and work. The museum has a multimedia hall where they have various gadgets where speeches of Sardar Vallabhai Patel can be listened to and you can also play quizes on India . He has been a  very important figure in Indian history and the first deputy PM of India.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Memorial

Adalaj Stepwell

This lovely architecture marvel is 5-storey down the land. As you’ll go down you’ll feel the difference of temperature by 5 degree than above. A very interesting story  about Queen Ruda Devi is associated with the stepwell. The carvings on the walls are beautifully detailed.

Adalaj Stepwell

Akshardham Temple

Just a 30 min drive from Adalaj  Stepwell is Akshardham. Dedicated to Swaminarayan, this is the most peaceful place you will ever find. It is well maintained and the lush green lawns surrounding the temple will leave you mesmerised. Though photography is not allowed inside, even you cannot your phones inside, you can still get yourself clicked by temple photographers. Akshardham also hosts sound and light show which starts at 7:00 pm.

Akshardham Temple

Manek Chowk

This is the most famous street food market in Ahemedabad. It opens at 7 in the evening and runs upto 1 in the morning. You will find all kind of street food here. My recommendation is try Ghughara Sandwich. It tastes so amazing and different, you will never be satisfied with one. Matka Kulfi is also one of my favourite delicacies on this street.

Vikram Sarabhai Exhibition

Some knowledge gaining amidst the tour is never a bad idea. Vikram Sarabhai Exhibition showcases the developments made in ISRO(Indian Space Research Organisation). It displays various satellites and launch vehicles’ models and volunteers their will explain you everything about the start of our space program and the way satellites are launched.

Inside of Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition

Sabarmati Ashram

Home to Mahatma Gandhi, also known to be Harijan’s Ashram, is now converted into an exhibition, ranting the saga of Gandhi and his disciples. Whether you are a follower of Gandhi or not, this place is a must must visit as it also says the story of Freedom Struggle of India. Life of Gandhi and Indian Freedom Struggle is beautifully shown in form of statues, paintings and writings.

Sabarmati Ashram

Kankaria Lake

Take it as less of lake and more of an amusement park where entry ticket costs less than 15 bucks. There are many activities around in here – Boat Riding, Gaming Zone, Roller Coaster Rides, Cycling, Eateries, Zoo, Butterfly Garden etc.

Motor Boat Ride at Kankaria

Sunset Drive-in Cinema

Experience film watching under the stars. It hosts two shows in the evening – 7p.m-10p.m and 10:00pm to 1:00am. The movie that has been put up is always updated on the site. You can take your car inside and watch movie or you can just take a seat provided near the screen.

Bloggers’s Tip :

Visit Ahmedabad in month of January as the weather is pleasant and also Ahmedabad hosts the biggest Kite Show in January.

Places to Go Shopping in Ahmedabad

Alpha One Mall

In the afternoons you can go shopping at Ahmedabad’s biggest mall – Alpha One or A-One mall. You can find all the brands here.

Law Garden

Spend your evening at Law Garden buying yourself Gujarati Lehanga- Choli and Gujarati jewellery(Dandiya dress). Generally a full set of Lenhanga-Choli costs you around Rs.2500. Law Garden generally opens at 7:00 pm. Here you can enjoy good food and also it has a gaming zone where kids can enjoy. Here, you can buy a wide variety of things like slippers, scarfs, earrings etc. at a very low price and of good quality.

Lehanga-Choli at Law Garden

Some Recommended Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Street Food

Tandoori Chai


Pappa Roti

Bric Kitchen

Turquoise Villa


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