Bottoms up to the beachy heaven – Goa

Included in some of the overly touristy places withal unimplemented plan for some, Goa is concoction of nature, plushy resorts and lots of parties. Goan culture is all about chilling and rejuvenating. At night you can party hard and have some booze and in the morning just look at waves to relax your mind.

We are always intensive with our itinerary and this time we have dug Goa in and out. Go to churches, learn about Goan culture, have dinner and lunch in fine pretty cafes, party hard, attend fests and at last don’t forget to enjoy the beaches of this paradise.

Best Time To Visit Goa

Best time to visit Goa is from October to January as there are many festivals this time. You can enjoy nights in music festivals and days, relaxing at beach

Places to Visit in Goa

Day 1

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Once we checked in and settled at our stay, we decided to head to Old Goa. This area of Goa was the formal capital of Portugese in India.
Here we went to Basilica of Bom Jesus Church. This church has been certified as the world heritage site under UNESCO and is also famous for the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier.

Basilica of Bom Jesus
`Basilica of Bom Jesus Church

Old Goa also has an archaelogical museum which would let you learn the inside out of Goa.

To Be Honest, Goa is filled with UNESCO certified sites (a fact many don’t know). Augustine Tower as its known is also something to look forward to. This is Goa’s most spectacular monument.

It also has a wax museum. If you are curious to peek inside go on. Our curiousness died because of heat and devoid of energy we started our next journey that was to food.

Blogger’s Tip : Most of the popular places are in North Goa, so plan your stay accordingly

Baga Beach

Baga beach has these beautifully built shacks, decorated with dim lights which will surely lighten up your mood and get you a bit groovy before the night starts. We went to TITO’s for partying. It was one unforgettable night, we danced our heads out and the best things about this place were the unlimited food and drink packages. This place was worth every penny.

Baga Beach in Dim Light
baga beach goa
Baga Beach

With this we called it a day.

Day 2

Agouda Fort

We preferred to keep mornings for the fort to save some energy for the crazy day ahead. We first went to Agouda fort. The way it’s built is quite astonishing and it also has a light house.

agauda fort
Agouda Fort

Chapora Fort

Then we went to the famous DIL CHAHTA HAI Fort – Chapora fort. From here, you can see the beautiful scene of Wagator beach.

Chapora Fort

We had lunch and drove towards Panjim. Take your own sweet time in enjoying food and drinks and chill there for a bit because the day won’t end early.

Things to do in Panjim

One of the church here that might give you deja vu is Immaculate Conception Church, the same church that has been shown in innumerable bollywood movies.

things to do in panjim - Immaculate Conception Church
Immaculate Conception Church

Parellel to the church, you will find beautifully colored street. All the photographers, yes, this is the place for you.

panjim streets
Streets of Panjim
panjim streets
Streets of Panjim
panjim streets
Streets of Panjim

You can also enjoy a cruise ride in the Mandovi river with in house music booze and food. This is best for families. The duration of the ride is one hour.

Colva Beach

Then we headed to Colva beach. It was evening by then so the place was cool and pleasant. Additionally, this place is the party floor for your junk food cravings.

Post all walks and drives, you can either make your day more crazier by bumping into Casino in Panjim or choose a fine dine restaurant to let your body relax.

We chose the latter and had an authentic dinner beside the beach with karaoke singing. We went to Brittos near Baga beach.

Restaurants at baga beach
Dinner at Brittos

Day 3

We woke up hell excited because it was day 3 of Sunburn and Martin Garrix was to perform live.

Blogger’s Tip : March is famous for Carnivals and December is famous for Sunburn..so plan accordingly…

Sunburn-goa- martin garrix
Sunburn Goa 2019

Calangute Beach and Dona Paula Beach

We started our day by visiting Calangute beach. It’s usually crowded. This is the finest spot for water sports enthusiasts. Then we left for Dona Paula beach. This beach is named after the love story of Dona and Paula. Bollywood movie Singham was also shot here.

calangute beach goa
beauty of calangute beach

Sunburn Goa 2019

We quickly had lunch so to reach Sunburn on time. It usually starts at 4 in the evening. The main event starts around 9 (THE TIME WHEN GARRIX PERFORMS!!). Booze is pretty expensive here, so you might want to drink before coming in for the event. The experience we had here was out of the world. No words to describe how great we were feeling. We would really like these pictures to speak for the right kind of fun we had there.

sunburn-goa-2019- Martin garrix
Sunburn Goa 2019
Sunburn Goa 2019
Sunburn Goa 2019
Sunburn Goa 2019 martin garrix
Sunburn Goa 2019

After Sunburn was done and closed, we really needed some fresh air. We listlessly drove on the roads, finding some nice restaurant for dinner and to close our day off.

Next day, we left early for Bangalore, hence taking lots of dance, music, fun, beaches, air and memories.

Best Stay in Goa

Our stay for three days was at Mateus. It is a beautiful little place. We recommend this place because of its location. It is in the centre of the city, so an ideal place to stay close to North Goa.

where to stay in goa - Mathew homestay
Outside area of Mateus Home Stay
where to stay in goa - Mathew homestay
Mateus Home Stay
where to stay in goa - Mathew homestay
Mateus Home Stay

Goa has plenty of beautiful beaches and one of them is Arambol Beach. To know more about Arambol Beach, head to:

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