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The City of Sea and Waffles – Mumbai

Writing after so long on Travel. The best thing of writing about travel is you again go back to the fun-filled days, with a little smile on your face, remembering every single thing. Travel is the most beautiful part of our lives, seeing 100 of different things, places, eating vivid variety of food, walking miles and miles on streets (once I walked 15 km in a city), packing, keeping essentials in a little bag, boarding flights, buying tea at airport ( for no good reason) etc etc etc.

With me, I have never gone on a trip with same set of people and that is one reason I am personally attached to a lot of people.

Mumbai was something special since I was travelling with my cousins. Giving a background of my family, we are just a set of non-speakers, words have to be literally priced out of our mouths, so in the backdrop of our silent environment we kids never got a chance to know each other too closely (no, we don’t hate each other, we just don’t know what to say).

Tourist Places in Mumbai

Gateway of India

Too mainstream. But I am a lover of mainstream places because it is these mainstream places that makes me feel touristy.

To be honest, Gateway of India is one fine site. It can be said as one more relics of British era. Historically, it was made to welcome King George V and Queen Mary to India.

Apart from admiring the grandeur structure, you can have a nice look of waters and all those boats floating in the water. They also have facility of boating and likewise activities.

In front of Gateway of India, is the fine Taj, the one which got attacked in 26/11. I am sure, you will look at Taj more than 10 times with a different thought each time.

Gateway of India is behind us
View From Gateway of India

Marine Drive

It is as magical as you have heard. The sound of water, soft wind and people bustling around. Everybody is busy with their own thing – some with guitar, some with diaries and others with their partners.

We went their two times – early morning and at night. Both the times, scenario was different. At night people preferred to enjoy the peace and breeze while in morning they were super active.

I love anthropogenic activities as much as I love nature. Call me sociopath but looking at horizon made by buildings and sea covering the ground is one of my favorite sites. And this was what offered at Marine Drive.

View From Marine Drive

Haji Ali Dargah

Haji Ali Dargah is tomb of Pir Haji Ali. Haji Ali is located 500 meters from the coast. It is made somewhat inside of sea. The path to it was the ugliest thing I have ever walked on. The path from main road to the main mosque is filled with shops selling customary items like flowers, chaadar and all. And whatever people felt was of no use was dumped into the sea. What could have been a beautiful path to walk on with smell of flowers and splashes of water was a complete dumping ground.

All in all, go there if you have faith in Islam. Don’t just take it as a tourist place and get on the adventure.

Haji Ali Dargah

Colaba Causeway

Colaba Market, in my experience was the never-ending local market, completely wrapped in a small lane. Literally the lane is so small that only 2-3 people can stand in a width. But for local shopping it is still the best place. You will find everything at very minimal rate and if you are good at bargaining, it is nothing less than a heaven for you.

From junk jewelry (of literally all designs, shape and size) to high heels, there is nothing that you can’t find here. To all Fashion Bloggers, this is one place that will definitely give you a lot of content.

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach was like any other beach. It is a nice escape for people from nearby areas. It had many eateries, so you could just sit, there have something, see water flowing and relax.

We did not spend a lot of time here but since the sunlight was so perfect, I did not miss an opportunity to get myself clicked.

Getting out of Juhu beach, we explored the area. You will love the area as it is lined up with cafes and eateries and boutiques. While walking on the streets, we bumped into Prithvi café.

Juhu Beach

Best Places to Eat in Mumbai

Belgian Waffles

The first smell of Mumbai that we breathe was not of sea but of these overly cooked pancake batter and Nutella. We jumped out of the car and decided that after dinner, we are going to have waffles.

We had dinner at New Yorkers and came out to have waffles. I had Naked Nutella Waffles and they instantly became my favorite. We all became nuts about these waffles and after this episode, went 3 more times to this same place to have waffles in our 3-day trip.

Belgian Waffles

New Yorker

New Yorker is one such place that serves a very comfortable taste. Basic Pizza, Pasta, Nachos, Iced Tea and you are good to go. If you are confused where to have dinner, hit this place. It’s not disappointing.

Nachos at New Yorker

Spesso Gourmet Kitchen

It is a fine dine concept café in Nariman Point, Mumbai. It serves Italian and Mexican. We preferred to have our regular pizza and pasta.

The café serves complementary cheese balls with gravy. Those were the best cheese balls I have ever had. Tangy flavour of gravy with cheesy balls, not a flavour you’ll find everywhere.

The café is famous for all kind of luscious desserts but we already had our loyalties to waffles.

Ambience of Spesso

Chowpatty, Marine Drive

Chcowpatty is pretty famous in Mumbai. You can see all the eatery stalls lined up. There’s literally hundereds of variety of food to choose from. It seems the whole street food of Mumbai is decorated at one place. The best thing about this place is, you can have all flavours of India under one roof (or stars) under 500 bucks.

Pav Bhaji at Chowpatty

Prithvi Café

Prithvi Café, situated near Juhu Beach is an absolute experience. It is a small café with a lovely ambience. It is said to have been started as a canteen of Prithvi Theatre and eventually grew to be one of the top cafes in Mumbai. The prices were nominal.

Here too, we ordered waffles. And they were equally good. I feel the picture says it all.

This place is highly recommended. Please have a visit and thank me later.

Ambience of Prithvi Cafe

Pizza By The Bay

This was one overrated place in Mumbai but the feel of the café was great. We bumped here for a quick breakfast. Had juice, fruits, toast and waffles.

It is said that if you come here at night, you are definitely going to see a celebrity. So, Bollywood junkies, you know where to hit with your camera on!


Dakshinayan was a South Indian café. Not just in menu but also in look and feel. They served authentic South Indian food. If you are a dosa, idli, smabhar fan, please have a visit to this place. Also, don’t forget to try chach (buttermilk), South Indian buttermilk directly hits your throat and you remember the taste for whole life.

K. Rustoms and Co. Ice Cream

Guys, this store has been standing as it is without any change in taste and infrastructure since World War 2. You can guess the authenticity of this place.

My nephew made it a point, that we have to have Rustom’s Ice Cream. And to be honest, it did justice to all the hype it has in the city. Do visit this place, this is nothing less than heritage of the city.

Kesar Pista Ice Cream

The Moment We Can Never Forget…

Roaming the city, our driver told us that it’s very easy to spot celebrities in Mumbai (nothing we did not already know). Then he pointed out to a car just in front of us (we were on a signal), and said “See now, this is Ratan Tata’s car”. We got so excited. We told him to get the car just beside his car, he did it. One of my cousins, Aditya, waved at Ratan Tata Sir and he waved back. We all went nuts. It was the most happening thing happened to us that day (we thought). But the best was yet to come.

We had just came out of car to get to a store. Ratan Tata Sir, too get off his car to get in nearby Starbucks cafe. We saw him and ran behind him and asked him for a picture. Usually a man this rich and successful wouldn’t even give a flick to kids like us. But he was so humble he saw us running and smiled at us. He said “You are the kids who were in that White SUV, right?”. We were happy that he remembered us from signal.

We clicked a picture with him and here is that legendary picture of our lives. For the whole day we couldn’t stop talking about this one moment.

At night, when we were returning home, we again got side by side on signal. He saw us, we smiled with full grin and he again waved at us, which made our day more hilarious.

Some Moments From Our Trip

juhu beach

Special Thanks to Mansi and Dheemant to plan this wonderful trip. 🙂

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