Places to Visit in Mysore in 2 Days

“Impromptus plans are the best” – it is as exciting as it sounds. Just try to remember a trip you have been planning for a while and you executed that very plan. Delusional. It never happened. And now think about your sudden and surprising drinking plans and long drives. Always giving you a new story to blabber about.

Mysore was this delusional plan that we thought will never going to happen. Not because it was any far or expensive just because we have been planning a way too long to jump into the city.

One Friday morning, I just got up with an idea of breaking up with the routines and catching the time off exploring something new. I hit a request to my room mate for the weekend trip and as ever ready as she is, her response was a thumbs up. So, earlier that evening we had our bookings done and the very next morning we caught our train to Mysore.

The track from Bangalore to Mysore is unimaginably beautiful with paddy fields, banana trees and coconut trees. You might be thinking what is so beautiful about paddy fields and banana trees, so lets hit the fact, being from Rajasthan, the only greenery I have ever seen is Ashoka trees, if it counts.

It was 11 in the morning, we reached Mysore but our train just stopped on the outers of the station and swore not to reach station. So, we also got adamant on not to reach station and got down off the train on the outers only. Somehow we reached the road and booked Uber auto to our stay and made fool of ourselves as our stay was just 200m walk from the place we were standing. Mysore started as an adventure and gave us lots of memory and fun moments to cherish on

That was our train on the outer area of station

How To Reach Mysore from Bangalore?

Mysore is just 145 km. from Bangalore. You can take a train, bus or drive to Mysore from Bangalore. Option of Cab is also available. You can easily book Drivezy and get on the rolls.

Where to Stay in Mysore?

Anyhow we reached our destination – The Bunkers Asharam. We got to know about this place from a friend’s Instagram story.

Recommended to all the backpackers and shit moodys like us, this place even entertain walk-ins.  Entering the pretty stay we were awestruck of the homeliness it felt. The first thing we did when we entered was to obviously make a fetish video of the place covering each and everything. Then we relaxed and clicked 100s of pictures then and there in the room. Yeah!! The Instagram generation!!

Talking of the owner – Vishwanath. This happy face welcomed us with a great jest. Calling out – “Kriti, I went through your Instagram account and thought I am hosting a kid.” Ok I look like 15 year old but I am not. We rant a little tittle-tattle with him, narrating how we planned the trip and got off the train in the middle of the journey.

Best Place to Eat in Mysore

After  such good and exciting encounters, we thought of exploring Mysore. So, the first things first, and the first thing is always food.

We sat off to have lunch to a café where too we never reached. Guess the blocker???? Auto wala. So, this one auto wala was adamant on showing us all the main attractions of Mysore… God knows why, we bargained a bit and settled on a pretty amount to go places.

As we were hungry as fuck, this man suggested us a place called – Purohit, which is a very old restaurant. It serves the best Rajasthani food. Ya, I know, having Rajasthani food in Mysore, dumb retards. But it was the best meal for starve stricken Northies. Have a look at the picture.<3

Rajasthani thali at Purohit, Mysore

Mylari Dosa

We bumped into this very famous restaurant named Mylari. They do not have a menu. Everyday they decide on to a dish and customers have to eat whatever is available.

That day they were serving Masala Dosa. We went inside and within 10 mins Dosa was served to us with Coconut Chutney (bit obvious).

Going off track, there’s a very weird thing here in South India, most of the places do not serve Sambhar with Dosa unlike in North India. [I feel North Indians modify everything just as they had modify Hakka Noodles].

So, yes this Dosa at Mylari did complete justice to it’s popularity, this Dosa costed us Rs. 40 per plate. We retired to Bunker’s Ashram and had a good sleep.

Masala Dosa at Mylari

Chatori Street

We had breakfast at Chatori Street. I saw the menu and I was happy because of the ever loving dhokla on the menu.

Sandwiches, Dhokla, Bhajiya and Tea were on our table and we literally dug in. I highly recommend this place if you are a North Indian.

Places to See in Mysore

Balmuri Falls Mysore

Full stomach = Happy Brain 😊 We headed for the first destination – Balmuri falls. It takes around 30 mins to reach there from Majestic Bus Station(this is the centre of the city). Annnnddd…it’s not worth it. Honest reviews – People have made it a place to unload their shit. All you can see there is lots and lots of garbage and the view is also not so cherishing. Even then if you feel like going…you can take an extra pair of clothes so at least you can enjoy in water.

Though not a good place but I managed to take a good picture

Philomenna’s Church

Next, destination was The Philomenna’s Church. It is a beautiful architecture inside out. You can’t take your eyes off  this amazing building. There you’ll also find nice manicured lawns. Spending a light evening here is totally worth it.  

Philomenna’s Church

Chamundi Hills

Then, we sat off for Chamundi Hills. Here, we came to visit Chamundeshwari temple. From the top of the hill you can see the entire city and the view is totally amazing. The best attraction from the top is the race course. You can make out an entire oval of the race course from up the hills.

For photographers, it’s a treat. This place is also a great place to enjoy sunsets. Coming back to Chamundeshwari temple, the Shikhara (pyramid structure on Hindu temples) is so well carved (like any other south Indian temple but every time they are astoundingly beautiful).

You will also find some very friendly and notorious creatures there – Monkey. They are everywhere – inside temple, outside temple, all the way up to the hill and they might want your sunglasses or the snacks in your hands.

Chamundeshwari Temple at the top of Chamundi Hills

Mysore Palace

Mysore palace is the absolute beauty and the most visited place in Mysore. Outside of the palace is a great architectural beauty standing behind a well-manicured lawn with colorful flowers and inside is all cladded in patterns and carvings. We spent around 2 hrs here and then explored the nearby places. Had some panipuri and churmuri on the roads and headed to Railway Museum and R.K Narayan’s House(R.K Narayan wrote Malgudi days). The House has been turned into a museum.

Mysore Palace Image

We had our lunch at Kapoor’s café. It’s a Punjabi style restaurant. We caught our train to Bangalore and our journey ended. 😊

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  1. Beautifully written and described . Want to go to the place and explore it personally. Thank you for igniting the craving to see the place

  2. बहुत सुन्दर शब्दों में एवं सटीक लिखा है ।ऐसे ही अच्छी अच्छी जगहों के बारे में ख़ूबसूरत बातें लिखना , सदा ख़ुश रहो बेटा 😘


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