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Last night, while I was sitting on my terrace I could feel the air, so fresh. I could see the stars, so bright. And I wondered had it all been the same before? Were we too busy to stop at some moment and embrace this? We were so caught up we forgot what it looks like to just lie back, sit on the back seat and enjoy the ride all along?

Every morning, I wake up to this beautiful calm, not the kind before the storm but the kind where everything is so peaceful, and the world is at still. We are not fighting over petty problems, we are all curled up in our homes, we are not rushing to reach someplace. For once, we are taking care of ourselves and our loved ones with a clear mind.


And when this is all over, and we step out again, we will all wish for light and love for everyone and hopefully act as sensitive to those who need us.

We might just start valuing relationships and not take them for granted. We might meet people with a smile or maybe just hug them a little more tighter so they know you don’t wanna let them go. Hopefully, you would check up on your long lost school friends often, and reminiscence a time before any of this happened.

rekindle with your school friends after pandemic is over

Maybe, for once the entire human population will lay low and humanity will rise again, the sun will be brighter, the skies will be bluer than your Mondays and you wouldn’t long for a Friday to live your life.

This world will be a better place this time when we leave our homes. There will be overflowing emotions and rekindling friendships and sparking love. You & I will not be the same. We would come out as far better, insightful humans knowing ourselves better, with a better understanding of how you grow.

But while all of this is happening on one side, don’t leave the other side of the coin, take care of your mental health too. Don’t push yourself to be productive, or finish a particular task when you just want things to happen gradually.

It is all going to be normal, or so to say, better. Talk to your family, your friends, your confidant, learn a thing or two, do whatever makes you happy, whatever makes you wanna get out of bed and stay active. If you need help, seek it. We are all in this together and we shall pass this & emerge stronger. Don’t let toxicity surround you and your loved ones. In the end, we all gotta be the inspiration in our own stories, fight our own battles, and the pink skies on our bad gray days.

writing makes me happy

” I gaze at the open sky,

and feel a sense of calm,

there’s a battle being fought,

and I see no blood at all,

I pray for light and rays of hope,

that sunlight brings with it,

every dawn.”

About The Author

Diya Bhansali
A lover of good coffee, conversations and poetry. Fetish for clear blue skies, aesthetics, and dogs. An 18 year old dreaming of spreading positivity and good vibes and redefining the definition of Mental Health in society

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