How To Make Bread

wheat bread recipe

Aren’t we all frightened to go out to bring groceries? While there’s no alternative to vegetables, there does exist one for breads. Now make bread loaves at home within an hour in 5-easy steps.

Oreo Brownie | Red Velvet Brownie

oreo brownie

Make super-easy egg-less Oreo and Red-Velvet brownies with ingredients available at home.

Doughnuts Recipe

chocolate doughnuts

Make scrumptious home-made doughnuts with your desired toppings without oven and eggs. Follow the recipe given to make delicious doughnuts.

Tea Cakes Recipe

tea cakes recipe

Enjoy your tea with Apricot-&-Dates and Coffe-&-Walnut flavoured eggless tea-cakes at home in 5 easy steps.

Red Velvet Cookie | Jim-Jam Cookie | Coconut and Oat Cookie – Recipe

cookie picture

Make eggless Red Velvet Cookie,Jim-Jam Cookie, Coconut and Oat Cookie at home in 5 easy steps. Make best cookies out of the same dough.

Recipe of Choco-Chunk Cookies | Double Chocolate Cookies | Peanut Butter Cookies


Make eggless choco-chip cookies, double-chocolate cookies and peanut butter cookies at home in 5 easy steps.