Shrikhand Mahadev Trek-India’s Most Beautiful Trek

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So, this time, I will be writing about a trek to one of the five Kailash of the World, that is, Shrikhand Mahadev, which is located in Rampur District of Himachal Pradesh. The other four are Kailash Mansarovar, Mani Mahesh, Adi Kailash and Kinnaur Kailash. This was the most difficult trek I have ever been to and the route to Shrikhand Mahadev is not known to many travelers.

Difficult Path to Shrikhand Mahadev

There are a lot of stories related to Shrikhand Mahadev. The most famous is that Ravana came to worship Lord Shiva and use to worship here for days long.

This trek is 35 km long and consist of different terrains like large boulders, glaciers, water falls, first areas and flower valleys. It is said to be the most difficult trek in India.

Glacier on the Way

Day 1 – Jammu to Rampur

We started our journey from Jammu at around 11 am. We stayed at Mandi on the first night and next day continued our journey through The Great Himalayan National Park and reached Rampur at around 3 pm. From Rampur we reached the starting point of the trek, Nirmund a small village. We reached there at around 4 pm.

After reaching there we enjoyed langar and started our trek. We walked only 3 kms and it was getting dark. So, we planned to stay there in a tent.

Just a heads up: This trek does not have a well-defined route. You will find some painted strips made on trees and rocks to show you the way.

Yellow and Red Markings on Boulders

Day 2 – On the way – Stopped at Bhim Dwaari

Starting point of the trek is Nirmund. After that we reached Jaon village and then Singhad.

Starting the Trek
Starting the Trek

We woke up early due to raining. Tents are pitched by locals and they also provide food and blankets for night stays. We started our journey and reached Thachru, did our breakfast there. We can’t get many food items, breakfast consist of maggie or prantha and daal chawal for lunch and dinner. It’s very difficult to carry material to such heights. But still the locals manage to provide food, shelter to the travelers.

Tents Pitched by Locals

After having breakfast we started the journey on Dhandidhar ki Chadaayi. It seems like we are moving towards the sky, walking on the clouds

After traveling 5 km we reached Kali Ghati. This is another stop in the journey. We didn’t stay there and continued our trek towards Bhim Dwaari.

Bhim Baahi
Bhim Baahi

On the way we crossed many water bodies, water falls, glaciers etc. We stayed there that night.

It rained continuously for first three days of our journey

Day 3 – Some Challenges and We Reached Shrikhand Kailash.

We started early towards Parvati Jharna (Parvati waterfall). That’s the most amazing view. Clouds all around, chilling weather. We did our breakfast and move ahead. We crossed Parvati Jarna and climbed towards Parvati Bagh. There were many kinds of flowers of different colours all around the valley.

Into the Clouds
Into the Clouds
Parvati Baagh
Parvati Baagh

One thing to remember is that at this point, one have to start very early because there is no place to stay after Bhim Dwaari and have to return back after performing the darshans.

We started around 6 am crossed the huge boulders. We saw huge variety of flora and fauna. One such is Brahm Kamal.

Brahm Kamal
Brahm Kamal

We trekked towards Nayan Sarovar (lake consists of glaciers all around). After this place there is no water for next 6 kms. We have to carry enough water, food for the remaining journey.

After climbing huge boulders and trekking on glaciers we reached Bhim Baahi. This place is having huge rock steps on which some encryptions had been made. It is said that these rocks were kept here by Bhima (one of the Pandavas) for making way to heaven.

From this place we can see the Shrikhand Kailash very clearly.

First Look of Shrikhand Mahadev
First Look of Shrikhand Mahadev

After few minutes we reached Shrikhand Kailash and saw the most amazing sight. Clouds and glaciers all around and 100 ft tall shivaling standing at a height of 18000 ft above the sea level.

It was 3 pm when we reached there. After performing darshan and pooja we clicked some pictures.

Reached Shrikhand Mahadev

Very shortly we started our way back. Without wasting much time, because very shortly it will become dark.

It became dark very soon and we have to cover a lot of distance. And as I told u earlier that there was no actual path of this trek only few marks we have to follow.

After getting dark we were not able to see those marks and we found it very difficult to find our way back.

We were finding it very difficult to return back. We were using our torches but all in vain. Thank God a group was also returning back and we saw them. As soon as they reached us, we were very happy that we found some company to return. They were locals and knew the way. We followed them and reached Parvati Bagh at around 10 pm.

Day 4 – Returned Back to Singhad

After staying there, we started our return journey. We took our breakfast and moved back.

Very shortly we reached Kali Ghati and did our lunch. After walking Tharchu, we reached Singhad later in the evening

At Singhad we stayed in a tent made by some sadhus.

They provide us food and shelter for that night.

Day 5 – Back Home

We started at around 4 am we reached Nirmund and took our car and started our journey back

After traveling for around 18 hours through Shimla and Chandigarh we reached Jammu at around 1 am in the night.

That was the most amazing trip of our life.

Things to Know Before Going on Trek to Shrikhand Mahadev

  • Always make proper plan before going on these treks or adventure trips.
  • Carry adequate amount of dry fruits, glucose etc.
  • Rain suits are much needed and should be good quality.
  • This trek is open for only 15-25 days all over the year – July to August
  • Carry first aid, medicines of regular use in good number.
  • Always start the trek early in the morning.
  • Carry torches of high beam to see clearly the marks on the rocks.
  • Trek very carefully as there is no proper path and the routes are covered with shrubs.
  • Don’t pollute these places and maintain the scenery of these places.


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