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Why have we defamed simple to an extent it never really deserved to be?
Simple people,
simple words,
simple outfits,
and simple hearts.
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." My Mother taught me when I was seven,
Growing up I realised, the world's play would never let simple survive. 

Here, its complex, complicated, diverse, mysterious and also, fake, that dominates.
Years passed, 
I still wonder 
if a few simple people are standing firm, are they really that simple?

But isn't simple the best adjective to define them?
'cause maybe simple isn't underrated for 'em.

About The Author

Riya Choithani
I am a crazy girl. I want to prove that one can be a jack of all trades. I can cook 35 different kinds of Maggi. I love MUNing, debating and theatre. I want to be in love but never fall in it!

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