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Sometimes It Does Start With A Text

You have taught me to wait for love to come to you,
A little waiting doesn’t necessarily hurt,
You have taught me what love feels like,
It is two cups of warm tea and unconditional love,
You just popped in my life one day,
Or slid into my DMs as I should say,
And you became my best friend,
you told me 1+1 is better together,
And also equally strong,
And how my self worth has more weight than the lies of the world,
without you, it feels like something is lost,
And how the stars feel without the moon,
You made me believe in the goodness of people,
and always taught me the language of kindness and warmth,
You held me at a time in my life when I was just numb and lost,
You are my motivation on a Monday morning,
and the calm on weekends,
You make me wanna hustle every day,
you make me wanna learn,
there are moments of darkness,
But you’re the bright light,
You push me out of my comfort zone,
When I am just too scared to try,
There are moments of childishness,
Little difference now and then,
I was skeptical in the beginning,
But you had me at “I too eat cheese slices out of the fridge”
I wonder how two people can be so similar yet so different?
You bring hope and positive energy in my life,
and there’s no one I would rather have than you,
somehow, this will always be my favorite story to tell,
shared with smiles, coffee and beautiful rain.

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Diya Bhansali
A lover of good coffee, conversations and poetry. Fetish for clear blue skies, aesthetics, and dogs. An 18 year old dreaming of spreading positivty and good vibes and redefining the definition of Mental Health in society

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