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Hacks for Lengthy Syllabus

Since in the over competitive world, we hardly get any option but to participate in the rat race, over the years with giving many exams, failing in some and acing in others, there are many study tips and tricks that remain with us and become evolutionary with increasing years till we reach our goal. I, too devised some studying tricks, which though simple but are mostly overlooked in our panicky minds.

10 Page Formula

If you are one of those people, who on just seeing the length of the syllabus gets panic attack then surely you can use my 10 page formula to kick start the lengthy syllabus.

Start with reading 10 pages a day. Initially, it’s very difficult to read 50-60 pages in a day as your mind is not habitual to process so much of information at once. Reading 10 pages a day will help you set goals, which by the end of the course will become 100 pages a day. Read these 10 pages so thoroughly so you remember each and every piece of data on the page.

Gradually you’ll find yourself reading 100 pages a day.

Make it a habit, even if you are feverish or did not get time to read in a day, at least go through 10 pages. Now, why 10 pages, why not 5? 10 pages will at least cover 3 topics. Hence, without you even realizing you would have completed 3 topics, which are pretty enough for starting.

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Read Previous Year’s Question Paper

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Before starting on these long syllabuses, first go through previous year question papers. These will help you form a structure in mind about the way the question will be asked and how to answer them. While going through books you will be able to form questions and remember the information in the way that it will be asked.

Cover Big Topics First

Every syllabus, for example, say that of CLAT, will have some very large topics, like Trots and Criminal Law. These are the topics that you should complete first as initially you have lots of time and nothing is in a rush. You should do these big topics taking your own sweet time, so they settle in your brain. Small topics are not that important and those can be read in rush of last minute.

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Segregate the Relevant Information

This is one very important step, if your course involves less practice and more mugging up, you cannot just learn each and every line in the book. Just underline the important and relevant points and learn that immediately. Before paper, when you’ll be revising, you just have to see these underlined points and irrelevant information can be avoided.

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Organise the Information in Your Head

Now after reading so much and making notes about them, you have collected an ample amount of information in your notebook as well as in your head. It is important that you organize these information and thoughts so in the examination you are not wasting time in thinking about points and making literature for them. Remember, if your paper is subjective like that of Civil Services you just not only need a lot of information but also the right kind of literature to express your views accurately.

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Say No to Things That Waste Your Time

Being born in an Indian household, you are always expected to oblige socially by going to engagements and marriages of people you don’t even know. And this is a fact, if you are preparing for a competition, half of your acquaintances wouldn’t even acknowledge that the preparation needs any efforts and of course mockery and demoralization is one favorite Indian weapons. But really, if there is any higher purpose you need to achieve, just use the technique of “hearing from one ear and flushing out from another”. And about the unwanted parties? Just say NO and move on, you can commit a period of time to yourself and stay away from such fetishes.

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