The Future of Advertising Marketing – Meme Marketing

You have possibly heard about Digital marketing, Direct marketing, Social media marketing but there’s this recent fashion known as Meme marketing.

What is Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing or Moment Marketing is essentially an exercise of exploiting tools like word of mouth or social media outlets to attain their marketing intentions. In layman’s dialect, it’s about publicizing memes on brand handles to build more alluring, entertaining, and fast-spreading content.

I found this very amusing, how brands nowadays are utilizing humorous portrayals, video clips and gifs to connect with their audience. Hefty brands like Tinder, Goibibo, Netflix, SBI, Paytm, Nearbuy, Swiggy, Big Boss, STAQUs, McDonalds, even the Mumbai police or Politicians like Sambit Patra are employing Memes in their speech or their content to be more relatable.

I suspect it might appear like a ludicrous course but the return on investment is no joke. Brands disburse several hundreds of thousands of bucks in any other marketing crusade or maybe Advertisement through television, but Meme marketing is independent of expense and is more fascinating as well.

Examples of Meme Marketing:

1. State Bank of India and Goibibo

SBI Meme Marketing
SBI Meme marketing

In the above image, it’s indicated how the State bank of India is inferring #Binod meme to aware its customers against cyber thievery. In the successive part, it illustrates brand goibibo which conveys their message of taking a break referring to #kokilaben meme.

2. Tinder India and Swiggy

Tinder Meme Marketing
Tinder and Swiggy Meme Marketing

In the above image, it’s the brand Tinder which portrays matchmaking of Rashi and Binod. In the later part, it’s the brand Swiggy which is a delivery app.

3. Netflix India and Paytm

Netflix and Paytm Meme Marketing
Netflix and Paytm Meme Marketing

In the above image, it’s the brand Netflix interpreting a series ’Peaky blinders’ by citing to #kokilaben meme. In the next part, it’s the brand Paytm quoting #Binod meme by convincing their customers to get their KYC served.


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4. Nearbuy and Nagpur City Police

Nearbuy and Nagpur City Police Meme Marketing
Nearbuy and Nagpur City Police Meme Marketing

In the above image, it’s the brand Nearbuy imploring their customers to go out for a meal and avert the chaos of knowing who’s in the Rasoda(kitchen). In the later part, it’s Nagpur City police who tweeted to stay home and don’t get viral like #Binod.

5. Aajtak Debate featuring Sambit Patra and STAQUs

Aajtak and STAQ's Meme Marketing
Aajtak and STAQU’s Meme Marketing

In the above image, it’s a discussion of BJP leader honourable Sambit Patra referring to Rahul Gandhi as Rashi. In the next image, it’s about the brand STAQU’s CCTV camera so that you know who’s in the Rasoda(kitchen).

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6. Bigg Boss and McDonald’s

Bigg Boss and McDonald's Meme Marketing
Bigg Boss and McDonald’s Meme Marketing

In the above image its shown Biggboss tweeted about Binod not being their contestant in BB2020. In the next part it’s the brand McDonald’s stating there are fries in the #Rasoda (kitchen).

Hence, I would like to conclude by saying that Meme Marketing has become incredibly fashionable because it is one of the most influential paths to make a rapport with the target audience. All one has to do is to save a sight on viral trends, establish an intriguing social media post, campaign around it, and stand back and wait as users make it prominent.

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