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The Palace Of Illusions – Book Review

Undoubtedly, this book has the most beautiful words woven together. The language used is itself a reason to read this book. This book is a treat for people who are excited by Hindu Mythology, who like to argue rights and wrongs of Hindu Mythology, who just likes to read of kings and queens and of course, for people who want to read just anything they can get their hands on.

It has easy to read language and smoothly introduces you to some of the big names of Hindu Mythology. It also opens the door to unlooked and unexplored perceptions.

Why to read this book?

For a reality check

This book will let you learn how lives of kings and queens are not just a bed of roses. They live a life of luxury but does not always live a life of dignity and respect. Pandavas being princes of Hastinapur have always been ridiculed by their cousins. Draupadi, being the queen of entire Bharat, was ridiculed to an obnoxious levels.

To introspect our living ideals

Somewhere, somewhat, the image of Kunti has always been idealised. We all know her in a good light. This book throws light on Kunti and Draupadi’s relationship. It was like any other next door mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship. They were indulged in mockery and dis-likeliness over the attention of Pandavas.

Also, Kunti just wanted honour even when she made mistakes. When Arjun said “Look mother what we got!” She said out of her usual habit – “ Whatever you got just share it amongst five of you”. Even after realizing what a terrible mistake she made she kept adamant on keeping honour of her words and made her five sons marry Draupadi.

To knock on our humanism

We are no strangers to the story of how things always turned bad to worst for Draupadi since her swayamnvar (groom choosing ceremony). Marrying 5 men, always being mocked for her character, how she has to renew her virginity for each of her husbands, being staked in gamble and then her clothes being ripped off in a hall full of men. These learnings will surely knock on how inhumanity was prevailing in times of Duvapar Yuga. Pandavas were almost burned alive in Varnavat by their own cousins will make you question the relationships.

To know the gist of Mahabharat

Mahabharat is one of the greatest eipcs of Hindu religion. It’s worth knowing excerpts of Mahabharat as it shows good and bad facets of relationship in a typical Hindu household. It is the ultimate guide of why it is important that good souls rule the world.

To change your perception

This book will change your perception of Pandavas. Children of Hindu household have grown learning the great valor of Pandavas. They are our ultimate heroes and we are asked to be brave like Arjuna and veraciously honest like Yudhishthir. But here you will find what kind of mindless sins they performed in wake of honesty and following rules. Because of their decision, Draupadi suffered and her children were killed in the battle. If Lord Krishna would not have been on Pandavas’ side there was no way they would have won the battle of Mahabharat.

I would like to keep this review short and crisp since I don’t want to rob you of the pleasure of reading it.

Buy The Palace of Illusions here, give it a read and let me know if my review helped you choose the right book.

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  1. This book review is so well-planned. It has provided an insight of what we can expect from the book without actually revealing much of the details. Being obsessed with Mahabharata currently, I’m surely giving this book a read.

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