Metal Health of Teachers

The Undekha- Mental Health of Teachers

There is this popular quote, “He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches.” by George Bernard Shaw. This quote asserts that the teaching domain is the simplest of all.

You all must have possibly heard people discussing the incentives of being teachers like they have outstanding recreation time, great career security when you are in a teaching field and working for acceptable hours.

Now just imagine:

Students from several backgrounds, various knowledge levels, and distinct needs loaded in a sole classroom. One teacher always strives to do their best to bring out the best of their students, all day extended. Checking examinations, formulating lesson agendas for the day, compiling resources, pursuing nicest exercises, report giving to Superiors, communicating with folks of different background as well, and supervising the across-the-board growth of their students are all a fraction of a teacher’s everyday life. That is what barely a part of a teacher’s job notices like. Yes, ONLY A FRACTION!

I have personally examined my teachers in my Under-graduation programme readying strategies beforehand and scheduling the entire lecture for every grade they teach and performing varied activities and then analysing them and whatnot.

Later in this Covid-19 pandemic where everybody felt like staying at home and appreciating work from home whereas on the other hand teacher’s job has widened manifold with all this Online education system. Now they do not have to just formulate the entire lesson, but they have to speak a monologue for an entire class continuously irrespective of knowing what the other person is doing behind the screen. For those who were not that tremendous at using technology, they are comprehending to regulate it so that the education of their disciples is not at halt.

Instead of appreciating this effort have a look at What we are encountering:

  • Teachers were abused and harassed by some attendees during the online lessons: Delhi
  • Teachers face improper comments, lurking during online classes: Lucknow
  • Students are placing severe pornography in online lectures: UK
  • Blue teacher Army group: WhatsApp and Instagram pages were built with titles such as ‘BlueTeacherArmy’ which circulated the screenshots that indicated 12th Class students using sexual innuendos and harassing the teacher: Kerala

And many more such examples.

We are forever taught that it is a Teacher’s role to take consideration of the social-emotional wellbeing of their students and are instructed to keep a review on indications of depression, anxiety, bullying, or aggression etc. But what about the STRESS they are hiding: their own mental fitness.  One in five teachers feels tighten about their career all or most of the time, distinguished with one in eight employees in equal professions, research by the National Foundation for Educational Research disclosed (NFER).

There are multiple subjects which lead to turmoil in their mental peace. Some of them are:

  • Hostility towards educators
  • Limited pay, lofty responsibilities
  • Dilemmas with fellow colleague.
  • If a teacher is too stringent, students grumble about their behaviour
  • If a teacher is too lenient, students take unfair advantage of them
  • Emerging with fresh content for pupils and replying to their every concern because IT IS HER DUTY TO KNOW EVERYTHING UNDER THIS UNIVERSE!?
  • Disregard by a learner
  • Elevated demand for their job
  • Proficiency assessed by student outcomes
  • Personal life pressure
  • Fulfilling all the deadlines
  • Confronting parents’ demands
  • Altering to modern technologies and meeting expectation.

At the end I would like to conclude by saying that Without teachers, there would be no artists, no doctors, no musicians, no dancers, no engineers, or any other profession you can think of.

Start talking about the stress level of educators and the concept of counselling of teachers should be introduced soon. Student-Teacher Mental Health is a two-way street. Do your part by being grateful to them and even your single compliment like “Wow! Ma’am/Sir today’s session was so insightful” can make their day.  

So, the next time you see your teacher Thank them for whatever they have done for you.

Even I would like to Thank every single person who ever taught me anything.

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