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Traveling With Friends Can Never Go Wrong!

Can it be? Ever?

After watching the movies like ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ and ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’, traveling with friends have been a major life-goal of almost every person out there.

And not just taking a trip, it now includes traveling to different countries, trying out everything for the first time, indulging in the craziest adventures, night patrolling, getting lost among the woods, falling in love (at times!), drooling over different cuisines, and a lot more stuff.

Let’s admit it guys, we always end up making a plan after watching exotic locations in any travel-related movies, all our plans which actually never works out as planned!

Cheers to our dedication here, we come up with a new foolproof plan again, every time!

But, you know what, the best things in life happen unexpectedly, the best stories begin with “and then, all of a sudden”, and the best memories are always random. So, make infinite plans, go beyond the limits, jump every barrier, convince all the people you need to, just make it happen!

When we travel with friends, we get to meet a whole new bunch of crazy people, who otherwise pretend to be sane all their life.

The types of friends we all have and what we can experience on a trip with them:

The One With the Camera

Did I mention the best photography skills? Well, nobody needs to! Every photographer of a squad is self-appreciated. They won’t need your approval to click another 1000 pictures on the trip. They make sure that they show (read: show-off) you all their talent by clicking pictures of every goddamn thing (not necessarily of you!). This type of friend is the reason you have ever-lasting memories and all the candid pictures where you look bad, yeah!

The One With All the Research Already Done

This friend will not let you skip any sightseeing points even if that means riding 20 extra km to visit a park or climbing till you die to watch a sunrise at 5. You may also find yourselves standing in the middle of some fort ruins just because it was mentioned as a place to visit on the google list. But besides that, this friend is also the reason we don’t miss out on anything (even if we want to!).

The One With the Foodie Soul

Be it the local cuisine or the street food, this fella knows no limit! With this friend by your side, you will spend half of your trip’s budget on food only. And no, it’s not because the food is expensive or your appetite is big, it’s because you end up ordering another meal, purchasing packets of chips or eating bowls of Maggi after trying every cuisine that you didn’t like. This friend will not let you go hungry (word of advice: just pretend that you ate well and good!).

The One Who Pampers (read: spoil) in Every Way Possible

There is this one friend who is ready to take care of everything, from food to hotel bookings, from local transport to security checks, and even counting the number of people at the beginning to throughout the trip (to ensure that no one ran away in between? why would someone?). So, if you have that slightest thought that you may learn the tactics of solo traveling after the trip, drop it! This friend has got your back.

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The One Who is Outspoken

The troublemaker and the life-savior, this type of friend fit with both the kinds. They will be so straight with their opinions and actions that it does not matter what time or place it is! So, if you get drunk and mess around at a party or if you really want to buy something at your price, just step back and they will take control of everything. And sometimes, their decisions will be so stubborn that you might end up roaming on the road, sitting under some shelter or starting the day without breakfast simply because that cab driver, hotel receptionist, and the restaurant owner didn’t settle on the stated terms and conditions. Here’s the deal, just sit and watch!

The One-Sided Lover and The Couple

Okay! There’s nothing you can do about them. All the PDAs, reserved adjoined seats, shared meals (and? :P), soft-talks, are going to happen. But the best thing about traveling with them is that you will have these people, who you can tease throughout the trip, without any offenses. There will also be times when you won’t be able to see them around because obviously, you know!

The One All-Rounder Entertainer

As much as we enjoy the silence of the mountains, the beaches, the cold breeze, and the coastal reefs, we also crave for some wilderness where we can do all the weird crazy things. And with that, someone who is as insane as ourselves. This one all-rounder entertainer of your group is all that you look forward to. They make fun of themselves (without even knowing!), laugh limitless, sing aloud, crack random jokes (lame as well!), dance impromptu, and pose weird. They will be your most favorite one until they go that extra mile (of being tiresome!).

Being said that, this list can go infinitely long with the endless memories we make with our friends. To travel with them is to experience the next world, of being care-free, casual, high-spirited, vivacious, free, and easy.

The best adventures are never planned as they turn out to be. Free yourself from any and every expectation, live in the moment, own it, and love it, because traveling with friends can never go wrong!

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