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Treating Skincare Like a Reward to Yourself!

Skincare for very long has been stereotyped in our society as something which is to do with women. Gradually as the conversation is opening to a wider scale of people and acceptance is coming from a larger strength of population, irrespective of men or women, the challenge becomes where one can begin.

At the same time,  We still have to work a long way before society becomes comfortable with it because of the way we have been conditioned from the start. The gender has to check a box of certain tasks lists that classifies them to be a man or a woman and that box needs a hammer and constant reminder to be shattered.

So in my journey through these blogs I wouldn’t distinguish skincare as men or women, I thrive to break the stereotype from my end hence all my blogs would be gender neutral. 

Welcome to this skincare journey!

As capitalisation gains momentum across the world, there are new brands coming up everyday, to cater to your needs for all types of skin  and what products you could use to take care of your it. However, if you carefully see the ingredients that a brand would promote a product through would be things in your Kitchen or your garden.

Now, I wouldn’t say that I do everything organically or one should stop using their preferred brands (prime reason, My daughter who is a marketing communications professional would cry from another room that, stop killing my job Mom, Hahaha) but you need to understand that Skincare is for Everyone and Everyday, you cannot use a product one day and next day expect it to reap you a GLOWING skin for life time. So no matter brands or homemade, everyone needs to be consistent.

When we talk of consistency, applying anything that has got to do with chemicals, can sometimes prove to be a little harmful which is why Me and Moms like me across the country (because we are rich with our history of organically shining) would run after you to use a tomato juice or aloe vera juice etc.

A strict skincare routine is a must-have just like your workout or sleeping or eating routine. With the culture of fast paced life, driven in a capitalistic economy, and appearances becoming an important aspect of everyday life, we often have to or love to indulge in make up, which is again a whole lot of chemicals in your skin on a daily basis. So again, wiping chemicals with chemicals each day can bring a long term repercussion for your skin.

I am definitely not a certified doctor or skin care expert however, I have experimented with my kitchen and garden over the last 42 years and learnt the best ways to take care of my skin. Sharing my beliefs here, I would begin by getting to understand my skin type and what suits or doesn’t suit my skin. Once done, then making skincare like a treat to myself after an exhausting day by dedicating it 15 to 20 minutes has come to my rescue and how.

 For this blog, let’s talk about simple steps to begin a better way for your skin :

  1. Release mental and physical exhaustion by doing anything that makes you stress free, like music, painting, meditating or working out etc. Key to good skin is nothing but body and soul in peaceful strength. 
  2. When you wake up in the morning wash your face with things as simple as raw milk, honey, malai (milk fat) etc instead of a face wash first thing in the morning and dab the towel to wipe the water, don’t rub it. 
  3. Make drinking water a task of your to-do list each hour and add interesting flavours like cucumber or cinnamon if you are somebody who doesn’t like drinking water and  turn it into a habit. 
  4. If you are someone who has been sleeping late, when you wake up in the morning, take an ice cube in a cotton cloth/ handkerchief and massage it on your face and eyes, it will release all the stress/ puffy skin or under eyes.. 
  5. Use a natural toner like aloe vera gel or rose water before you start doing your makeup.
  6. For a quick cleanser, use lukewarm milk and turmeric and clean your face with a cotton ball. 
  7. If you forgot to wear off your makeup the night before, just take the malai or your moisturiser and massage it on your face and leave it on your face for a while, wash it off with rose water or normal water and apply aloe vera gel or rose water, it will help clean and close your pores. 

Try these simple and effective tips until my next blog and do let me know if this works out for you. 

Until then, Stay Healthy and Glowing!

Indulge in Breathing Exercise for a healthy body and mind.

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Ritu Bhansali
Passionate towards the art of cooking and baking, Ritu is a homemaker from Jaipur, who loves to keep it natural and really vouches for “No makeup makeup look”. Mother of three crazy kids who wants her to learn how to scold or be angry without laughing. Ritu is Fun but sensitive and very open to learning new things.

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