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Udaipur – A Girl’s Solo

Like most people, I too had a “before 25 bucket list” which had a “solo trip” on top of it. But there are a lot of concerns in your mind when you think of a solo trip, specially when an Indian Girl thinks of it.

Safety, fear of getting hurt or harassed, self-imposed restrictions (for the longest time I have been a person who wouldn’t even go for a coffee alone), fear of looking like a freak in a crowd (only in your mind), budget, ease, stay. 

Keeping in mind the concerns and after the research, I made my “to-do” list, found a safe place to stay and booked my tickets to UDAIPUR.

I always had a thing for water. Thus, all my travel plans have to end up near a lake, in the lapse of rivers or by the beaches.

Day 1

January 2, 2020- I took the train to a life-changing adventure, reached Udaipur next morning. It was 7:30 of a chilling January morning. For some strange reasons, I couldn’t get transport to my hostel (MUSAFIR HOSTEL) since it was in the old city.

 So I checked the maps it showed just 4 km away, I took a walk, one of my most adventurous walks till now, it was a beautiful morning I enjoyed strolling around unknown city then I entered the old city, the locals call it “ghati” (valley) it has these steep and narrow entangled roads, you know how reliable google maps are!!

Here I was walking around these narrow lanes with (now) a heavy bag on my shoulders. It took me two hours to find my Hostel.

But the view, my friend was worth it. 


After enjoying the ecstatic view from the hostel, bumping into an old school friend (small world) I started exploring Udaipur, unlike most people I didn’t go to the famous city palace or jag mandir etc. they are beautiful but I needed to explore Udaipur differently. 

MONSOON PALACE– also called Sajjan Garh fort is on the crest of a hill and I still don’t know what was I high on, that I walked up the hill instead of taking the cab (eventually, gave up)

I just feel it’s one of the most underrated places of Udaipur. The view from this palace is so stunning that you’ll forget everything and just be in that moment, that you often seek for, I was just awestruck by the view of the city, its lakes and the gorgeous sunset this palace is renowned for. 

I held that view, made friends, clicked lots and lots of pictures, and moved back.


Dinner by the Fateh Sagar Lake– The food stalls at Fateh Sagar Lake serves the finest street food, with the lovely lake view and that refreshing breeze on your face.

Got back to the Hostel– I forgot to mention you but the Musafir Hostel is opposite to the Lake Pichola.

That night, at the hostel was about the view, the bonfire, the music, deep conversations with strangers and fairy lights, that day I realized you don’t need a beer or a whiskey to enjoy or be yourself it’s just the judgments and validations we fear, which restrain us from being ourselves and loving our own company.


Day 2

BADI LAKE-TIGER HILLS, also one of the most unexplored and underrated places in Udaipur. Trust me, is one of the most placid and soothing lakes of Udaipur, free of hustle and bustle unlike other lakes of Udaipur. The road along the lake leads into the tiger hills of Udaipur. It’s around one km trek to the hilltop and you’ll get the most unexpected view, no words can do justice to the view from the hilltop so I would just share the pictures.

You can also enjoy that “pahad wali Maggi and chai” sitting on the edge of the hill along with the beautiful view of badi lake and the fresh airbrushing your face. Please don’t think I am exaggerating, but there’s some different kind of “sukoon” in the air and vibes of this place. I spent the most calming 3 hours of my life at the hilltop, and it was so difficult to leave that spot.

THE EGG WORLD– It’s one of the oldest restaurants of Udaipur and heaven for egg lovers (the owner was a part of MasterChef India). Its menu has oodles of options but I had the very famous tandoori omelet, which was scrumptious, I would highly recommend if you’re a non vegetarian.

CYCLING AT FATEHSAGAR– I love cycling, cycling by the lake was always on my list, so here I was riding a bicycle with broken brakes (kindly check your rental rides beforehand unlike me, I am always this careless and overexcited kid), I still enjoyed a coffee and the beautiful sunset by the lake.

Day 3

LAST NIGHT AT MUSAFIR HOSTEL– After meeting some amazing people and spending the bonfire ritual with them, I slept under the stars (wishlist checked) in that chilly January night with the view of Lake Pichola- woke up to the Hazy Sunrise and view of the City Palace.


TIME TO LEAVE MUSAFIR HOSTEL- It was so difficult, the host of MUSAFIR HOSTEL is a darling and we are still friends. (honestly, I found him annoying at first, but then what are the bonfire and music for?) I packed my bags with beautiful memories and experiences.

BREAKFAST AT JHEEL’S ROOFTOP CAFE– It’s a cute little cafe by the Lake Pichola. You need to be there if you are in Udaipur, there is a constant calming sound of bells and water in the background while you are enjoying your coffee or pancakes.

Time to come back, I still remember while I was waiting for my bus to Jaipur, I had tears of joy I had not been so full of myself in the longest time.

We have all grown up watching movies in which people fall in love while traveling, which is true since people are vulnerable on trips, but there is so much more to fall in love with the views, the breeze, the vibes, the culture, innocence of local people, YOUR OWNSELF. 

If you’ve read it till here, I hope I have given you a push to go on a solo trip that you have always secretly dreamt of and you could relate to my obsession with Sunsets.

P.S. The best thing about a solo trip is you need not share the food and you can stay at a spot as long as you wish for.

Love and Smile.

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