Unexplored Places in Mysore

We left from Bangalore to Mysore via train ( journey distance is 3.5 hours ) . We left late night around 12 and reached Mysore by 3:30. Checked into one of the hotels to keep ourselves fresh before we start a long day at Mysore.

We Decided to start our day by 8:30. So, quickly after breakfast we got our vehicle for the day from Drivezy.

St. Philomena’s Cathedral

The first thing we visited was the famous St. Philomena’s Cathedral. It was just a walk away though from our hotel.

It is one of the most important heritage sites in Mysore and visited by many tourists. It is known to be the second tallest church in Asia. Hence, it is worth a visit.


Any guesses what it’s famous for? Well, you will come across wide areas of Sunflower and Marigold fields. We were actually super excited for this. But unfortunately we missed sunflowers as the crop was early time and we missed it by a couple of weeks. However, these Marigold fields did not disappoint us and just put our mood back on track. Gundlupet is about an hour’s drive From center of the city.

You will find Sunflowers from June to August.

Himavad Gopalaswami Betta

Next up was Himavad Gopalaswami Betta, the journey to this place will make your road trip indeed a memorable one.

Beautiful mountains, prefect roads, a lot of greenery. A perfect scenery I would say. This temple is at the hill and the only way to go further ahead is through the government buses. We had to drop off our car, get ourselves a ticket and climb the bus. The buses are available at regular intervals, try grabbing the window seat for the best experience. It takes about 20 mins to reach the top. It seemed like a custom that all passengers suddenly started chanting. It was new for us but we surely did enjoy that bus ride.

On Reaching the top, you can spend enough time ,and do not loose your ticket. Once you are done, you can climb the bus and get back.

Gaganchukki Falls

It was already past 2 pm at this time and next place on our list was Gaganchukki falls.
Let us picturize you how great our experience was…
Imagine, you reach the falls destination, beautiful falls. It’s more like a view of this falls from a distance. Great place, great atmosphere.

Now the next thing we ended up doing something really interesting and unforgettable. We were able to go to the place from where the waterfall originates. To reach this place there was a route which had a little trekking involved.

But to be honest, it was just a perfect wonderful evening. These pictures will say what was our feeling at that moment. Most of the travelers don’t even know that they can go to this place. We had to hold hands and with the help of some rocks in between we were able to reach the tip of falls.

The final outcome of all this was, we were able to watch the people who were actually watching the falls. Water surrounded us in all directions. We witnessed a beautiful sunset as well and then decided to get back to our base.

It was almost 7:30 when we got back to the city. Spent a little time at the Decathlon and then headed to our room. Got a little fresh and visited the mall nearby for having a great dinner to end our day.

Additional to this there are many popular places like palace, zoo, falls. You can plan for these based on your priority or if your trip is for more days. As we ran out a little on time, we missed this Venugopala Swamy temple. I suggest you all to check it out. Evening is the most suitable time for the visit.

This was all about our one day outing at Mysore. It was a tiring happy day. We decided to halt that night and leave back to Bangalore next day early in the morning.

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