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Often I’ve engaged my thoughts into what one feels after death and what the afterlife would be like. I’ve always wondered whether I’ll become a soul and wander looking out for people who did bad to me, or whether I’ll be living with my family being invisible? In murky nights I’ve yearned to watch my funeral just to see how important and loved I am and guess what? I came across a series wherein you can do it, attending your funeral and watching people giving you toasts was a highlight of this series.

‘UPLOAD” is such a series on Amazon Prime that I couldn’t quit till the bonus episode!
It isn’t just a show, it’s an experience, which knocks your mind to think about what we have and what we wish for in contrary.

To cut the long story short, in this series, it’s 2033 and a person can choose his afterlife after his untimely death, of course, according to their bank balance. Here, Tech wizards have devised a network of virtual resorts into which a dying person’s consciousness can be imported at the moment of their passing.

Nathan Brown is the protagonist who dies at the age of 27 and is uploaded to Lakeview by his girlfriend Ingrid who appears to have got the autonomy over his digital afterlife.

Even when the show depicts a life after 13 years of technological advancement, it shows a lot of evils which are prevalent today too like exploitation of employees, cut-throat competition, corruption, the gap between rich and poor just like the gap between Lakeview and 2 GiGs, the two heavens the show boasts about. Paradise, as such, waits not for the pure heart but the plump of the wallet. Those left behind sizable estates or families willing to pay can retire to the tony campus of Lakeview, where residents enjoy plush hotel rooms and lavish buffets three times a day. Those unable to spring for the entry fee and the unlimited data required to maintain the lifestyle – umm or say, deathstyle – may opt into a 2 GiG plan, which amounts to a stay in prison. Well, the inequality between the haves and have nots extends in the afterlife too.

The show focuses on how money drives a person’s comfort even after his death. It’s contrary to the idea that most of us have been brought up with, the idea of coming empty-handed and going empty-handed.

The series takes a romantic turn when an uploaded guy falls for her customer service representative, Nora, the Angel, as they call them. It is a satire on how two people fall in love virtually with technically no possible chance of meeting or being together and fail to find love in their real personal lives.
Upload mocks how we wish for things in life which we don’t get and instead get things which we don’t want. The mockery is very well placed.when a boy who died and was uploaded at the age of 14, turns 18 with no puberty signs and gets a hacked hormone uplift but mistakenly of a female body,

The series simply carries all toxicity and love for the wealth that we have to a virtual experience! This show made me think of how little we work on our realizations in life and how we are played like puppets by those above us in power. It made me look deep into how technology has been driving us like machines because of which we fail to acknowledge the blessings that we have and instead keep running in a rat race with no finish line.

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