V.V Puram Food Street, Bangalore

Treading on the streets of India, amidst cows, temples, pollution and traffic you will definitely find some streets decisively and unanimously dedicated to food.  Your strident love for exploring food might have taken you to the Khau Gali of Delhi or Chowpatty of Mumbai but what do our Southern friends have in pocket? Yes, of course, idli, sambhar, rasam, dosa! But lets dig deeper into the street and look at siome diverse food in this much multi-lingual city of India.

Best Holige in Bangalore

Holige or popularly known as puran poli is one of the sweet dishes that is certainly served in all weddings in Karnataka. It is a flat bread (like chapati) filled with grated coconut and jaggery with a small hint of jaggery syrup as garnishing.

More than eating this I enjoyed watching the way it was made. The guy who was making this was not rolling the dough instead he just pressed it with a butter paper and BAM!! It took a perfect round shape.

Shop Name : Sai Idli Mane

Price : Rs. 40

holige in bangalore
best holige in karnataka

Kodubale – Breakfast of Karnataka

A deep fried savory snack, again a delicacy of Karnataka, round in shape and served with coconut chutney is an absolute delight.  This is made of rice flour (90% of dishes in Karnataka are made of rice).

Shop : Sai Idli Mane

Price : Rs. 20

Kodubale snacks
Best Kodubale in Banglore

Tawa Rice

This was something entirely new to me. Though I don’t really appreciate rice being a member of street food category, however, it seemed pretty common in Karnataka. I could see nearly all South Indians enjoying tawa rice and raita.

Rumali Roti with Sambhar

Yes, I know! I know! Something is super violating here. Sambhar??? Why? Where’s PANEER???

When I saw rumali roti I was flabbergasted and expected lababdar paneer with rumali roti but I was extremely disappointed when I saw sambhar being served with it. Well, in my experience with such experiment with food I found rumali roti tasting much better with sambhar and trust me this is worth giving a shot.

Price : Rs. 60

best Rumali roti in banglore
Rumali Roti in V.V Puram, Banglore

Fruit Bowl

Can’t complain if sub-tropical countries start to sell chopped fruits on street and people have them like it is not possible to peel and chop them at home. Anyway, though it cannot give you a taste of street it can still lessen your guilt for all the unhealthy pathogens you have treated your stomachs with.

Chocolate Sandwich

As kiddish as it sounds, it tasted funny, still we couldn’t resist ourselves from taking many another bites. Chocolate spread sandwiched between toasted bread is one such dish you can take from streets and keep on your breakfast table.

Price : nearly Rs.100

chocolate sandwich at vv puram banglore
Chocolate Sandwich at V.V Puram, Bangalore

Potato Twister

Lately, the streets  of India have bereaved themselves from pani puri and sev puri and taken to this new potato delight on stick with a lot of cheese dripping from it.

There is no resistance when you see these topsy curvy twisty fried potato stick. Also, this is the savior food as fried potato can never go wrong.

Price : Rs. 70

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Potata twisters
Potato twisters at V.V Puram banglore


Aah Desserts!! This is my favorite part, whether I am restraunteering, out on a fancy dinner or on streets. The best thing is the added flavours in our boring kulfi. Paan, strawberry, kesar pista – all kind of flavoured kulfis were sold on the streets. Paan kulfi is especially my favorite, a cold dallop of cream with the burst of Indian flavours. Ps it also works as mouth freshner.

You can find it there on any cart (thela!! To be vernacular).

Price : Rs. 20 (Pretty expensive from what I used to have as kid!)


I know it’s pretty stupid to have nachos on street but this Mexican snack gets me weak in my knees.

I don’t even remember the price.

Tandoori Chai

More than having this cup of tea, you will enjoy the way it is made. Let me just clarify a basic truth, it does not taste any different from regular tea. So, better have some cutting chai.

Price : Rs. 20

Gol Gappe

Pani puri, who doesn’t like some flavoured water, aalu and puri. This is one street food you cannot refrain yourself from having on streets of V.V Puram. But to be honest, Bangalorean panipuri walas are bit off with their versions of pani puri. Soooo, don’t get your mood off, don’t have it.

Kitkat/Oreo with Nitrogen

So, there was this shop which was selling one stick of kitkat or two oreos in a Styrofoam cup with nitrogen gas for Rs. 50. Something fancy for our gullible crowd but a very effective business idea.


This Maratha-Gujarati origin dish will fill your mouth will flavor. This delicacy is completely made of peanuts (Yay!! Peanut fansos!!). Though in South, you’ll not find it as authentic as in its hometown, still you can taste a bite for a gist of flavours of India.

Dabeli price in bangalore
Dabeli at V.V puram, bangalore

Here’s a video of what we had and did at V. V Puram by @harshita_singhh

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