Walking Corpse at Battlefield

As by the tittle speak out loud ‘Walking Corpse’ refers to our not so daily struggles, especially for the children who are at their peak of teens, for whom their daily life is a form of a battlefield. So, if you are the one of them than this Blog is just for you!

Common Issues

Teenagers at their 17s and 18s often think for higher studies and their future in this crowded world, its an easy task for some but a battlefield for many.                

  • Many have full support of their parents\ guardian and many do not but there is not just a two-way situation in this. There is a third way over here i.e., many have their parents support but they never show them, it is just like a thick transparent wall with a very blur vision.

In this type of situation, you make tons of assumption and let me tell you that many of our assumptions are either made up by our consciousness or they are influenced by our friends or movies.

To whichever situation you belong to our problems are most likely to be same.

Our Real Enemies

  • Did you face thousands of failures in 2020 than in any other year?
  • Did your parents taunt you all the time?
  • Did you feel bit of anxiety?
  • Did you have sleepless and maybe cry full nights?
  • Did you feel ALONE in this tough yet challenging situation?

If yes than these are not normal issues.

How lockdown effect our conditions?

Lockdowns show up like oil in our fire like conditions.  Also loneliness have affected our mental state of our mind.

Some people have found this lockdown as an opportunity, but some people  like us unknowingly mess up this opportunity.

But this does not mean that we have lost the battle. We have just lost some major swords which may be used in  the war.

You  can for sure win the war of our life. Even if you are made to choose some very low-grade college. You can still conquer the world by doing very good at it and getting best jobs just like any top college student get. Its just that students with best colleges will have to work 50% than what we must do to get good job. But it is not impossible my friend!

How to come over any failure?

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”-Robert F. Kennedy

“It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success -Ellen De Generes

  • These quotes are not just by famous personalities these are by the victims of failure which can be easily turn into a life lesson.
  • Every success full person has not just tasted the failure but have eaten a whole meal of it.
  • So, everyone who have faced the failure should take this as an opportunity to find your potential and show the world who you really are.

Suicidal Thoughts

By facing many failures at one’s weather for colleges entrance exams, or weather in schools’ people often have suicidal thoughts as they start to think that all the purpose of there life was based on these exams only. But that not true at all.

Remember that problems are temporary, but suicide is permanent. Taking your own life is never the right solution to any challenge you may be facing.

Give yourself time for the circumstances to change and for the pain to subside. In the meantime, you should engage yourself with other activities which you love to do. That will minimize such thoughts.

No matter how bad your situation may seem, know that there are ways of dealing with the issues you face. Many people have experienced suicidal thoughts and survived, only to be very thankful later.

There is a good chance that you are going to live through your suicidal feelings, no matter how much pain you may be experiencing right now. Give yourself the time you need and do not try to go it alone.

At the end of day!

At the end of the day you should find who you really are. A strong, full of potential soul. Who can conquer the anything weather big or small, but the deal is that your future is in your hands. Its never late to reshape your future.


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About The Author

Dakshita Singh
Dakshita Singh is an 18 years old and a first year student in law school. She loves to write blogs because she believes that readers should know what all mistakes she has done and should learn from it.

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