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When Rain Falls, They Smile

It is undeniable that the fragrance of soil is the most mesmerizing thing when it rains. I love observing how the trees dance when it rains. During lock-down, I started working on my kitchen garden. I grew certain plants and noticed and understood, the way they grow from seedling to flowering and fruiting stage and then the senescent stage.

organic farming
Organic Farming

You and I have often heard this from our childhood that the plants talk but have you ever tried to do the same? Ya, ya you must be giving some excuses that you were busy here & there and didn’t get time, everybody does that. Growing plants and taking care of them and then making sure that they give results as you expect is not an easy task. So, I started with growing Dhaniya (coriander) because I learned that it takes less time to grow. I somehow managed to grow it in a tub like shape plastic structure.

How To Grow Dhaniya (coriander) :

  • To have good quantity of dhaniya, take a larger tub or pot.
  • Grind the coriander seeds that we use during cooking.
  • Simply sow them in garden soil.
  • Don’t sow them too deep, sow just an inch deep.
  • Keep it in good sunlight and water them everyday.

Result :

In minimum 8 days, you’ll see the germinating seedling and after one and a half month, you can harvest fully grown dhaniya.

For the first time, when it started germinating it looked like some small particles in the soil. And in the next few days, it actually looked like the real coriander we bring from the market. Trust me, it was the real happiness.

It felt like stay here baby, I will never harvest you. Little weird but yes, from that day I thought and searched about different methods to grow many more plants in the minimum resources I have at home. Being an agriculture student, I started experimenting things with whatever I’ve learnt yet.  

Germinated Plants

If you observe, you’ll realize that it depends completely on the soil. Plants will not grow until and unless the soil does not have proper nutrition.

In the rainy season, the climatic conditions are most favourable to grow plants, some plants even start growing on their own. It has happened with me while growing the most beautiful fruit of my plantation journey – tomato.

Also, a herb called Giloy (used in Ayuredic medicine), grows quickly in rainy season. Its leaves are very important as it increases immunity. All our neighbours and friends were using the leaves of the plant I grew and I was very delighted to serve.

How to grow Giloy :

  • Just find a stem of Giloy and sow it near a tree (specifically Neem).
  • Since it is a climber it needs support of tree.
  • Water it daily. If it rains, giloy will grow real quick.

No investment and lifetime achievement.

I would suggest don’t throw the kitchen waste, use them as your plant manure. It is highly suggested for plants.

Some Plants can be easily grown in rainy season using the home seeds like tomato, brinjal, Fenugreek, coriander and chilly.

And this flower called Catharanus Roseus, you should definitely grow at home. It has a lot of benefits. I bet on this, when you see them, depression like diseases or mental problems cannot even touch you. You will be glad to help people  and grow with the Kids (seedlings).

Gardening at Home

Apart from this, there is no other way to thank nature.

May god bless you with a lot of Roses.๐ŸŒน

The Featured Image has been clicked by Nishant Ghiya. Explore more of his work on his instagram handle : @jahaanpana

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Shrangarika is an abid reader, a student of agriculture and specifically loves to write about Traveling. And Her main motive of writing in to this genre because it includes all the culture, the people, the dishes, the ways beautiful paths and what not. If talk about the peculiarity, She is basically into poetry and prose in hindi , that too “Veer Ras”. She shares That she has done everything in the pandemic vacation by staying home and would like discuss about the gardening she did.

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