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Where to Find Best Street Food in Jaipur

Pani Puri

Every person has his own way of having pani puri. Some like it spicy, some like it sweet, some like it with mint while some like it hot and sour. More onions, more chilly, more masala, that’s all you hear at pani puri wale bhaiya’s cart.
Pani puri, India’s all time favourite snack. Round in shape with potato and chana filling dipped in flavoured water served by pani puri wale bhaiya, this snack gives you a smacking, boppling flavours.

Shop : Nand Chaat Bhandar, Raja Park

pani puri in Jaipur
Pani Puri at Nand Chaat Bhandar, Raja Park


Sweet-Savoury potato sandwiched between breads and served with chutneys is one such dish that always have attracted anyone who roamed around streets of India. Though a Maharshtrian-Gujarati street food, it is made a bit differently in every part of India. It is not to be missed street food in Jaipur, so mark it on your checklist.

Dabeli in Jaipur

Barf Ka Gola

It will always take you back to 90s weddings where every kid would be having barf ka gola. Although it has become less popular now but it still holds the authenticity it held some 10 years back. The magic of grind ice and different flavours is one such you won’t ever forget.

Barf Ka Gola

Kulcha Dip

The Kulcha Dip at Nandalal is one of the famous street foods in Jaipur.
Chola, garnished with chopped onions, coriander and lemon and served with kulchas (indian bread) is one full meal for a person. Make sure you have enough space in tummy to have this dish if you are out on street food exploration in Jaipur.

Shop : Nandlalji Chole Wale, Johari Bazar

Kulcha Dip
Kulcha Dip at Nandlal ji Cholewala, Johari bazar

Sev Puri

Sev Puris are nothing new to street food lovers but it surely is a safe food in terms of taste. Like really, no one can dislike sev puri. Mathri/ Papdi is topped with onion, tomato, spices and chutney and tada…you get a street food in just blink of an eye. This is one such dish that people love to have in evening time snacks with some tea.

Shop : Opposite Julie Furniture, Raja Park

Sev Puri in Jaipur
Sev Puri Opposite Julie Furniture, Raja Park

Pyaz ki Kachori and Jalebi

This is a typical Marwari breakfast leaving you with a sweet and spicy mouth early in the morning. You might have had jalebis at many places but Pyaz ki Kachori, exceptionally and exclusively belongs to Jaipur. Rawat Mishthan Bhandar says a big NO to tamarind chutney with kachori as it overpowers its taste

Shop : Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

Pyaaz ki Kachori at Rawat
Pyaaz ki Kachori at Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

Bombay Sandwich

When Bombay Sandwich entered the streets of Jaipur, it became one of the trendiest dishes and still continues to be the best and satiating dishes you will have on the streets of Jaipur.
It never happens that one goes to Bapu Bazar for shopping and comes back without having a bite of Bombay Sandwich.
Coriander chutney on one side and tomato ketchup on other, filled with veggies and garnished with fine savouries, it is a burst of chaat flavours stuffed between breads.

Shop : Any Vendor, Outside Saraogi Mansion, Bapu Bazar

Bombay Sandwich at Bapu Bazaar
Bombay Sandwich at Bapu Bazaar

Faluda Kesar Kulfi

While the streets are filled with sour and spicy treat, you cannot stop your temptation of a sweet dish in the end. Instead of choosing your regular ice-cream bar, go for this Faluda Kesar Kulfi. Kulfi is already a flavoursome sweet, topping of faluda makes it stand out among all other sweet dishes. The best aura of having it is not sitting in a hot-shot restaurant but to have it standing in Masala Chowk or Street where it belongs.

Shop : Brijwasi Faluda Kesar Kulfi, Masala Chowk

Faluda Keasr Kulfi at Masala Chowk
Faluda Keasr Kulfi at Masala Chowk


Who does not like potato filled deep fried crisp? Samosa is love of India and the most convenient street food. People generally like to have a samosa with tea. It is best served hot with coriander and tamarind chutney.

Samosa at Jaipur

Cheela with Raita

Cheela is something you wouldn’t always find as a street food menu. It is mostly served as full meal in cafes and restaurants. But here at Masala Chowk, you can have the best cheela served with raita and chutney.

Shop : Kalkata Chaat, Masala Chowk

Cheela with raita
Cheela at Kalkata Chaat, Masala Chowk

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The post has been written by Kriti Agarwal.

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